craft : book design inspiration

i wasn't going to post today, but i received something in the mailbox yesterday that was so great. well, actually, i just missed the mail lady and received one of those cards saying i had to go to the post office to pick up a package. i was pretty sure what it was and could not wait. so, i saw her down the street and ran (booked) to catch her. yay!

i received the new book 3191 : evenings by stephanie & mav and love the photos. but, i also love the design. see how the images must be all aligned resulting in a box on the side? i LOVE that. thinking about doing the blurb books gets overwhelming because there are so many design choices. the clean design 3191 : evenings combined with the wonderful use of frames and pins/tape in the weekend sewing book by heather ross will be great references.

are there any book designs that you could recommend?

xo, cindy


Elizabeth said...

I just bought the Weekend sewing book too! There are a couple of things I want to make for Christmas in there!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I love Amanda Soule's *The Creative Family*...she puts simplicity and Family together to create such an inspiring life.
Have a lovely weekend.

darling savage said...

i don't have any book advice, but i do love a good book design. i'd never heard of blurb before, that sounds fun!

wild child said...

I love that book design - what a fab idea! And speaking of fab things, I love the new pics at the top of your blog - the apple especially! LOVE IT!

Meg xoxo

L'Atelier said...

Oh i love the 3191 book- its gorgeous!

i loooov loooove book- it the kind of paper i drown in (and dont mind :))
enjoy your two new treasures- talking about treasure, that was the weekword this week. i was wondering if you would like to chose the week word next week? you would have to post your choice of word on monday... and then your contribution to it on friday with links of participants :) let me know if you up for it

jane said...

i have evenings on my list. am now going to check out the other one. happy weekend!

julie king said...

no recommendations, cindy but i love how a book design will speak to me in the book store or the library. it catches my eye and pulls me forward like a siren. i also enjoy checking out the design notes in the back of hardback books where they tell who designed it and particularly what font was used. just a quirky thing i enjoy!

My name is PJ. said...

I tried to comment early yesterday morning and threw up all over the place. Arghhhh!

I'm not artistic like you are, but my favorite books are handmade with great paper and any variety of covers from leather to recycled children's books.

And I have a love for accordion books as well.

cindy said...

thank you for the suggestions, everyone!