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Autumn Color
Autumn Color
bits & bobs saved for a rainy day, which it was when these pics were taken.

this week we -
  1. saw the movie an education and it was very good. quite intense and beautiful. i love london and paris, especially back in the 1960s when people dressed so well. however, style does not automatically equal substance - mad men is good example. the movie was perfectly cast with carey mulligan in the title role who is such a dream. she should become a big star as she's reminiscent of audrey hepburn and audrey tatou. love her new short hair, too.
  2. enjoyed a lovely belated anniversary brunch & stroll (pics from that next week) and made plans for thanksgiving, which is very stressful after the loss of scott's mom earlier this year. we feel relieved to have our plans in place, but christmas is just around the corner.
  3. lost 50 pounds by going through over four years of magazines and pulling out favorite articles before discarding the rest - yes, i weighed them. probably another 150 pounds to go and then organizing those tear sheets. it will be worth, though!
  4. kicked butt on the jeopardy teen tournament as long as we could play as a team and give multiple answers. bring on the fifth graders ;)!
  5. decided that a trip to sanibel island early next year might be very nice. if you've been there, recommendations are most welcome!
this weekend, who knows. maybe brooklyn flea? haven't been there in a while and the segment on martha's show this week was great. what are you doing? feel free to give us some ideas. anything in nyc you'd like us to photograph?

xo, cindy

ps it's friday the 13th! are your superstitious?


My name is PJ. said...

1. That acorn shot is an absolute FAVORITE! I love every single thing about it.
2. I EVEN kicked butt on teen Jeopardy (teamed up with my sister)! I'm lucky to get more than one or two right on the regular show.
3. What I know of Sanibel Island is that it's a mecca for beautiful sea shells. If you go, please bring me back one or two...I will pay for shipping costs...and no, I'm not joking. ;)
4. Email me if you would like to know how to make your photos post larger. They are so beautiful.

Line said...

OOOH I love these fall shots, happy friday!!!

Joyce said...

Love the first shot.
Cindy sounds like you have been busy and will be busy. Are you cooking the turkey? How is Charlie doing with the holidays coming up?
Have fun this weekend my friend and make it a golden one! xo

cindy said...

thank you, pj! good for you on jeopardy and one of the reasons we want to go to sanibel is for the shells. i'll keep you in mind if we get there.

thank you ms. line!

hi joyce, we're going out for lunch on thanksgiving. charlie didn't want any part of making lunch and wants us to treat ourselves to a nice meal out. it will also let my brother go to the parade if he wants to. we're going to sarabeth's and looking forward to it. the good thing is that there will be many distractions and lots of people around as we have a small family. i just hope the weather is good that day. it can make a big difference.

Julia said...

I love all your bits and bobs! I would go to the flee market with you this weekend if I could :)

simplesong said...

sounds LOVELY...and what gorgeous photos. and didn't realize its friday the 13th! : )

blue moss said...

love the bits and bobs....
i have been going thru magazines too...feels so good to clean some of them out....
and not superstitious at married on the 13th!
happy weekend

Grace@PoeticHome said...

The photos are lovely! The textures and colors pop beautifully.

Purging magazines is such a relieving task. I go through mine regularly and feel great about tearing out what I love and then recycling or giving away via Craigslist the innards that remain.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you decide to do! :)

cindy* said...

i love your little acorns, adorable! i will see an education, it looks lovely. i also definitely need to go through my many pounds of magazines...
sean and i watched teen jeopardy too, we did respectably considering you know, teens shaming us with their vast knowledge.

happy anniversary...even if it is late ;)

cindy said...

it's so much better to have your favorite articles at hand. many i've forgotten about and have given me new inspiration. the remainder get recycled because i never imagined people would want them. hmmm.

thanks cindy*.

lotta said...

Love the photos. They are so perfectly still and yet so vivid. I laughed reading about you sifting through magazines - I do the same thing. I have piles and piles of them waiting to be mulled over.

jess gonacha swift said...

Gorgeous photos, Cindy! I love acorns. :) Have fun at the Brooklyn Flea if you go-- I hope to be able to check it out one day. I hear it's amazing! Happy weekend!

The Noisy Plume: said...

GREAT photos!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh my. You have the most beautiful bits and bobs! :)

I hear you on the weight loss. Aah, it's so liberating, isn't it?

Have fun at the flea!

Megan Walker said...

Loved the acorns and fall leaves - beautiful :)

I so enjoyed hearing about your week - what a great week!

Ah Cindy, you will make Thanksgiving special for the three of you - I just know you will. And Charlie will be so grateful for your effort and love.

If you ever get a chance to get over to Strawberry Fields and photograph the John Lennon memorial that would be so cool :)

Meg xoxo

Shari Lidji said...

good morning cindy. your fall shots are lovely. i love the shape of acorns. i hope my coming week is as productive as your last one! i'm so sorry for the loss in your family this year. i look forward to visiting you/your blog this week!

your new follower, shari


Beautiful colors Cindy...almost like lovely pastel drawings! I've thrown away old magz before as well, always sad to let them go...I've kept some great articles & pictures though...I should make time to scan them all & keep them safe~
Lovely weekend!

Krissy said...

Gorgeous photos Cindy. You capture the best :)

Sanibel is lovely!

jane said...

these shots are wonderful! i saw an education when i was home and loved it. happy week! besos!

Megan Coyle said...

what lovely photos of a rainy day. you've really captured autumn here :)

Pascale said...

Love your bits and bobs! Great pictures as always - especially the acorns... I just watched the trailer of "An education" - it went straight on my list of movies to be seen.
As to magazines: I regret I threw out all of my "Real Simple" and "Living" magazines when we moved from the U.S. to Paris - your solution seems so much better.
I love your NYC pictures - it seems like it's never raining over there. Sunny, happy pictures - lots of light coming through.
So, I wonder: what does it look like on a rainy day?! A challenge maybe...
Wishing you a lovely, happy week!

onesilentwinter said...

cindy kevin & I were loving teen jeopardy! i guess today we will feel not so smart:) did i miss your birthday? yes the holidays are stressful when it comes to where to go- my dream is that every one comes to the farm house for good food, long walks, sleigh rides!