nyc : farm life

corn & corn.

thank you very much for sharing your preferences on cool vs. warm in the last post. cool seemed to be the overall favorite and most closely in sync with my natural style, which can be different from what i find appealing as an admirer of photography. it's something i'm struggling with so much it's kind of holding me back, but i'll save that for another day.

today, it's time to visit the country fair at the queens county farm we visited last weekend. it was hard to believe we were in nyc and such fun! one of the things we enjoyed most was buying produce & eggs at the source. very rare in the city. there were also so many animals, some wandering around right next to us. we saw a rooster heading into the woods with a couple of red hens and a pig taking a nap in mud. there was a band and rides and delicious food, plus mayor bloomberg showed up. hope you enjoy!

xo, cindy

love this wind mill & corn on the stalk!

the last sunflower & vegetable garden.

flowers & vegetables at the source.

friendly steer & chicken.
ok, if you will remember i just about became a vegetarian last week. i had delicious potato pancakes for lunch at the fair, while scott had a hot dog and a grilled chicken sandwich. this one is for him.

grapes will become wine & apples, cider.

ride & a beautiful handmade blanket. awesome.

radishes & peppers, no peas!

hair & tortoise or christmas red & green.

very nice ferris wheel, but we kept our feet firmly planted on the bales of hay and watched the band.


My name is PJ. said...

This bunch of photos are some of my favorites of your so far! There were a handful I thought came from a magazine at first! Love the true colors. I can taste those apples, smell roasted corn and feel the crispness in the air.

onesilentwinter said...

beautiful! so want to be there! you captured it so perfectly!

erin said...

beautiful! i love your diptychs so very much.

Krissy said...

so very lovely! the last one is my favorite :) looks like a fun time.

cindy* said...

love that produce! love the chicken and steer photos! i'm obsessed with farm fresh eggs and i recently joined an egg eggs delivered to my house weekly ;)

Torie Jayne said...

Such beautifully bright pics! Have a sweet day! x

Michelle T said...

Hi Cindy, Love your photos! I was wondering if you could give me quick tips on how to make diptychs please... Thanks!!!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Beautiful photos! And the color combinations are great. I like the duck with the yellow post, and the rabbit with the red walls.

cindy said...

thanks everyone! sure michelle, i'll give it a try -

- i use adobe elements or photoshop
- create a file that is 1,000 pixels wide x 357 pixels high
- find two images you would like to use that are 500 pixels wide x 357 pixels high
- add one,then the other so they're side by side.
- save the file as a jpg and keep the original file as psd so you can use it again.
- that's it!

you can change the dimensions to suit you just make sure the file shares the same height as the images.

i hope that helps. let me know if you have any questions.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SO colourful...what a glorious day!
Thanks for sharing all those fabulous pics with us.
It's funny, as I get older...those fairground rides don't attract me in the slightest!

wild child said...

Oh Cindy, what FUN! And your pics are awesome! Loved the ferris wheel one at the bottom especially! But I gotta say, that colorful, BEAUTIFUL handmade blanket...... WOW! It deserved that blue ribbon!

Meg xoxo

Michelle T said...

Thanks Cindy! Will give that a shot this weekend :)

marisa said...

I adore your colorful diptychs. New to your blog + it is quite lovely!

hmstrjam said...

i love those apples, can't wait for cider!

kitty said...

beautiful images!! so vibrant and full of life! ;oD

Mabel Low said...

I'm smiling so much as i view your pictures! It's all beautifully taken! I love 'em all!!