pics : fall blooms in film

thank you for your thoughts on our last post, everyone. there certainly are a lot of sentimental folks out there. we're also sentimental and collectors, but needed some moderation (intervention). i'm pretty comfortable with our choices, but not completely. i've cringed a few times this week.

these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at wave hill. they're in film and you know what that means - photo album. the top photo is of a beautiful bouquet from a wedding that weekend. thanks to the wedding party for leaving it behind for all to enjoy. i love the fall colors. they're so rich and vibrant it's hard to believe we're transitioning into a season of dormancy. it's already getting dark so early.

on another note, i recently read on susannah conway's blog about a wonderful book by photographer andré kertész called the polaroids. after losing his wife of 40 years and in his advanced years, he felt as though he had nothing left in the tank. then, he found a beautiful glass bust and working with an sx-70 given to him by a friend reawakened his creativity through a delightful and poignant collection of polaroids. i would love for charlie to read this book with the hope that he might find something to revive his spirits. he's in great health and could live for many years. he said the other day that he thought he would live a lonely life. we hope not, but there will be a screening process for all callers.

enjoy your weekend. we'll be purging and organizing just a bit more. and, i'm thinking of making a blurb book about my first year with a real camera. and, we'll be hanging out with charlie.

xo, cindy


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

These are beautiful Cindy. Love the vibrant, rich colors!

Krissy said...

The Blurb book is a fantastic idea!! These photos are gorgeous- the last one is my fav :)

aimee said...

yes, yes, a blurb book!

cindy* said...

lovely! i love the blurb book idea, neat! i love the feeling i get after purging and organizing...enjoy ;)

Line said...

lovely colors is this film... I love the texture!!!what a great season to enjoy, here It's cold today!!

Pascale said...

That picture of the wedding bouquet is just gorgeous!
A Blurb book - that's a great idea, Cindy!
I've done books before from Photoworks (highly recommended!) with family pictures mainly, but I like the possibility Blurb offers to go public with your very own book... And I've done some MOO cards too recently (also highly recommended!).

Keep us posted!

Asya said...

Hi Cindy,
I have been admiring your photography for a while and wondering which camera do you use? I am thinking of upgrading from my Cannon Elf to an SLR camera, the Nikon D5000, do you have any thoughts about which is a good mid-range camera to invest in?

Thank you!

cindy said...

thank you all ... i feel so encouraged about the blurb book. i've already sketched out a design on the way home.

asya, i use a nikon d60 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens. it's my first dslr and i really love it. very light and feels nice in my hands. i didn't get the more expensive models because i wasn't interested in having advanced movie making features.

my brother insisted i get a nikon, but if i had to do it all over again i would seriously consider the canon rebel. i would try them both to see how they feel.

i'll email you.

erin said...

these are awesome. wishing i could stroll around such a lovely place. and not that you need any more opinions on the matter, but as someone who spent the better part of three years working in an archive...making edits to your collection is a very good idea. xo.

My name is PJ. said...

Lovely shots, Cindy! What stuck out most for me in this post is Charlie's comment. Are there Senior Citizen centers nearby? They are a great source of social interaction, card and board games, classes and scheduled bus trips. Sometimes people balk at the thought of going, but once there I've not seen anyone not return for more. You know we have my mom and Chef Stu's dad living with us, so I know about elders battling lonliness.

Joyce said...

Cindy were your ears ringing on Wednesday? As we were slowing moving boxes over to my mom's new place near us- I was sharing how you were going through your things and keeping a few things.

I was just on Blurb last night. I notice some people made date books and was doing a little research. Your book would make a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Wonderful photos as always my friend.

Have a golden weekend! xoxo

cindy said...

thanks for the encouragement, erin!

pj - he does have lunch at a center once a week and all the ladies tell him to make sure he comes back. he plays golf with his buddies twice a week and sometimes takes a trip with a group to atlantic city. there is a really nice senior center in his neighborhood, but he doesn't want to go there. i guess senior citizens can be a clicky as high schoolers.

i think he's most lonely in the evening, which is probably normal for anyone. it's only 5 months since helen passed away, but seems like years, already.

joyce, you should do a book, too!

Dawn said...

do it, make a blurb book! :)

Clementine said...

Oh, Cindy, these pix are gorgeous. The color!!!! I was wondering how you'd processed them to achieve such nuanced saturation--and then I realized, it's film!! What a concept ;) That second photo down, I love it. I need whatever plant that is in my garden, stat.

hmstrjam said...

love all the greenery on your blog!

wild child said...

Cindy, I loved your blooms on film - they are all so rich looking, have so much dimension... I tend to forget there really is a difference with film, but I love it. And you are right - what a lovely wedding bouquet!

I love winter, but I don't want all the blooms to go away!

Love the idea of a Blurb book! Do it!

Meg xoxo