fun | beautiful award

hello, hello! jamie of the wonderful blog lyrical journey, recently awarded me with the beautiful blogger award and i'm thrilled to receive it from such a beautiful person. i'm supposed to list ten things you don't know about me, so here goes -
  1. i have my mother's hands. 
  2. i nervously went to my first blogging event the other night, blog out loud, and it was great. so nice to meet some blogging friends in person, especially erin who got us started on this adventure.
  3. hydrangeas are my current favorite flower.
  4. i love chocolate necco wafers.
  5. scott calls be gilligan because i love these very worn out khaki pants, which are a tad short and shredded along the edges. they're comfy!
  6. i have terrible vision.
  7. i love to watch people make things and learn about the process - craft, cooking, design, almost anything. my mom was the same way and would have loved the new cooking tv channel, which is airing early episodes of julia child and the galloping gourmet. love david rocco in beautiful italy, too!
  8. i always wear flat shoes in case i have to run. weird!
  9. i wish i could be a professional surfer or at least have the lifestyle of one.
  10. after many years of yearning, next week we are having our tiny, ugly bathroom renovated. it will still be tiny, but maybe not so ugly. more to come after demolition. 
ok, enough about me. i'm now passing the beautiful blogger award onto the last five commentors on our blog as of now - megan w, candi, michelle, krissy and jen. enjoy your weekend and father's day!

xo, cindy


Line said...

Cool award Cindy I love your answers, you made me smile, wanna be a professional surfer, when do you start!!

hmstrjam said...

hi cindy! i love how you wear flat shoes in case you have to run, also make sure that they're laced on tightly cause you might have to run fast, very fast! eeeeee!

cindy said...

probably never, line! i can't get my butt up, so i'll just watch.

oh yes, jamie ;)!

Krissy said...

I too, LOVE chocolate neccos. My hubby calls them cardboard... The cooking channel is turning out to be pretty fun, wish it were hd- food always looks better in hd!

thanks for passing it to me :)

Julia said...

What a great list! I think you have beautiful hands, Gilligan :)

Jamie said...

I loved learning a bit more about you today - and I can't wait to hear more about the renovations!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Congrats Cindy!
I'm a chocolate lover, but have not tried necco before~ hmmm must try!

Shari Lidji said...

Oh Cindy, I love knowing these little bits about you! So sweet. You have beautiful capable hands and I love your mildly tattered gilligans! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Cindy.

blue moss said...

oh cindy...i just loved reading your fun to learn more about you. thanks for including me...i'll have a list in the morning :)
happy weekend

Asya said...

Hi Cindy, You are a beautiful blogger, and an inspiration! I loved reading your list, especially the one about wearing flat shoes. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend.

aimee said...

as for the flats, well you do live in new york city! never know when you'll have to run. that made me laugh. i have terrible vision, too. when you were younger, did you have coke-bottle-thick glasses like i did?

suzanne cabrera said...

Love reading these fun are, indeed, a beautiful blogger Gilligan!

painted fish studio said...

i'm so honored to receive the award! i'm not sure i can come up with 10 interesting things about myself... like you, though, i have my mother's hands. it's bittersweet to look at them and see hers when i haven't seen her hands in over 20 years.

and i'm a rhwony junkie. but you knew that! :)

hope the bathroom reno goes well!

happy weekend, cindy!

Dawn said...

you wear flat shoes incase you have to run - oh that's good! heheh :)

happy weekend to you!

Megan Walker said...

*LOVED* your list! You are definitely a beautiful blogger Cindy! Hydrangeas are my fave too :) But I can't stand necco wafers - oh my gosh, how can you eat those things!? LOL! Professional surfer lifestyle, really? I would have never guessed that one in a gazillion years so that was a surprise! PLEEZE post pics of your reno!

Thanks for including me my friend! I will try my best to be beautiful Monday morning! :)

jane said...

hi cindy- too funny- i want a surfer´s life too. and yes you are a beautiful blogger. hugs!

Bella Sinclair said...

Heyyy, I love those pants. AND your hands! I love all these little tidbits. What, your eyesight is bad?? I recently read about a blind photographer!

Lisa said...

My first visit here and I'm enjoying your blog :) About the flat too!! I thought I was the only one.