nyc | art in the city

Isa Genzken Rose II
isa genzken 28' rose at the new museum. now that's a rose.

forsythia at the metropolitan museum of art &

evening, by frederick wellington ruckstall. so sexy.

Mrs. Selma Shubart
autochrome of mrs. selma shubart. the museum is not sure who took the photo, but it's either alfred stieglitz or edward steichen. the complicated process used for developing the photo was invented by lumière in 1903 and absolutely beautiful.

I Got Up
i got up post cards by on kawara were sent everyday from 1968 to 1979 and contained the exact time he got up, his address and the address of the recipient. someone said it was like twitter.

the guitar heroes exhibit was incredible. my photo doesn't do john monteleone's four seasons guitars justice, but the cut-outs on the sides were something i've never seen before. you can learn a lot more here.

Temple of Dendur
temple of dendur and someone walking like an egyptian. she really was.

Teenager Portrays Sarcophogus
teenager posing as a sarcophagus. not sure if he really was, but a few high school girls thought he was so funny.

hello, hello! no matter how many times we go to the metropolitan museum of art we get lost, but if you're going to get lost, that's the place to do it!

xo, cindy


Joyce said...

It is a wonderful place to get lost. I wouldn't mind being the teenager's spot. xo

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

boy would I love to go there! gorgeous shots Cindy.

Erika Lee Sears said...

it looked super busy. :) We only have 2 artsy museums here and it was a mega big deal when the museum of contemporary craft moved in.

Line said...

I miss N-Y wonderful pics Cindy!!!

Jamie said...

This beautiful post makes me realize how badly I need a little culture in my life. I love living on a mountain, but the winter hibernation is starting to kill me.

Bella Sinclair said...

28' rose! Whoa! Can't help but stop and smell that one. These are excellent shots. The one with the postcards is exceptionally cool. And ahh, the Egyptian room! I went to a dinner function held in that very room several years ago. What an experience.

painted fish studio said...

no other city does art like new york! i really should just up and move...

aimee said...

and no other photographer does new york like you! i struggled to pick a favorite here because they're all so good -- i think i'll have to go with the horizontal teenager!

tammy said...

mm we were lucky enough to take a nyc trip last summer -- the met was so amazing to me. i couldn't believe how it just seemed to keep going.

lovely photos as always!

Julia said...

It looks like a fabulous place to get lost! Okay, some day in the future you need to get lost in the Louvre! The forsythia is amazing in that shot!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I'm inspired by how they display the postcards, Cindy! Would make a great room divider, no? Happy Friday!

Michelle Brunner said...

Thanks for showing me around the museum! I don't get out much anymore since the baby was nice to "get out"! Happy Weekend to you Cindy!

Elizabeth said...

Fun shots of the Met! I wish I remember more of it. I went there once, and I was so frozen that I don't remember what I even saw :( I will go back again though!
While I was living in Paris, I would go to the Louvre all the time, and get majorly lost! Once, I went on my own and wandered around in the Egyptian displays and was so lost it took me FOREVER to get out, and I really needed to head home to meet the girls after school. I started to feel hot and clammy on top of it. I did end up making it back on time, but not after a very, very stuffy ride home on the metro, on the verge of being sick to my stomach! Turned out that I had the flu.
Sorry for the long story, but every time I hear about getting lost in a museum that whole day pops up in my head!!