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Tea Time

i used to put our photos in these mosaics, but then stopped and went with simpler frames. now that we have the vintage shop i want to send some emails to magazines/blogs and these types of layouts might come in handy.

for the photos, i use a folding table and set-up the shot in our living room by the window. sometimes, i leave it overnight, which is interesting since that's where we spend most of our time. there's a lot of nudging involved and i spent most of the time on an overhead view that will probably never be used because i missed one nudge!

but, enough about me. there's been a lot of goodness passing through my desk that might be interesting to check out if you have a chance -
  • meg's son davy and his band, a basement rendezvous, have issued their first ep & it sounds great!
  • great advice for photographers from jpg - i like no. 3 & must do it.
  • mowielicious magazine - double gah!
  • scientific social networking tips about best time to post & tweet.
  • my first etsy treasury is all pink.

thank you for all your support regarding the photography credit issue. i'll be less accommodating in the future. i never really thought of it as stealing when it came to my photos, but now i see the light :). have a nice weekend!

xo, cindy

ps i enlarged my photos. did you notice? they're now 425 wide vs. 400. baby steps.


Joyce said...

Thanks my friend for all the wealth of information you always share. Every visit I learn a thing or two. As for your postcard layouts is this just for the computer or is there a program out there to print postcards? Have a golden one!! See you this weekend on twitter! XO...

blue moss said...

Love the mosaic....and your larger pics.
I've been visiting,but life has been so crazy that I've been a little silent. I love your photo and update about Charlie. I tried to comment but was having trouble. He looks fabulous...and I have to agree that I would be mad if someone brought me chicken, too. :)
your chance photos are my fav....
We've been so busy that I've been taping the whole day of Wimbledon and then fast forwarding through most of it....but it does look good on the bigger screen....hoping to watch more this weekend
Hope your weekend is great.

Bella Sinclair said...

Aw, this is a great mosaic! You must get fabulous natural light in your living room!

Thanks for the fun links. :D

Meg the Wild Child said...

First of all, Cindy you're such a sweetheart for mentioning Davy's band and the release of their EP :) Thank you my friend! I am so proud of them and their unique talent and sound!

Secondly, I *LOVE* your larger pics and always wondered why they weren't larger! Of course you know me - go BIG! I would love to wallpaper my house with your pics! But baby steps are good too :)

Have a lovely weekend girl!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

What a lovely post my dear! That treasury is superb! Hope you had a great weekend. hugs.

Line said...

I lov that mosaic...Cindy you should not be shy about your pictures, but getting them larger is cool!!

L'Atelier said...

Love the mosaic!
and thanks for the links they are great....