Antique Pickle Jars, Mostly
Cobalt Glasses
Amber Bitters & Medicinal Bottles

i've always thought of personal blogging as a two way street. i say hi from our bloghouse and we chat. then, i visit yours and we chat some more. as hard as i try lately, it's become hard to do both, but i wanted to at least change the window dressing around our place.

when i feel lonely and too isolated, i check in over on twitter and recently got a new iphone, so i'm also playing with instagram, which is very addicting.

xo, cindy

ps the bottles are from charlie's collection and were picked up for auction this weekend. we are so grateful he had someone working with him on downsizing his collection because even now it is quite substantial. the cobalt blue is from helen's collection and we're struggling to find a home for all 200 pieces of it minus these two. i suppose you could say we've got the blues in more ways than one.


painted fish studio said...

you've got a lot happening. we're all fine out here, no need to visit unless you've got the time and energy to do it!

so fun that you're on instagram!

Joyce said...

Cindy, I know it isn't the same, as being there with you, to give a hug, but I'm sending you several. Do what you need to do, but make sure to take time for you my friend.
Our sweet Charlie sure had some great taste. xo

We Blog Artists said...

Hey Lovely Lady...
I am SO sorry, I have been crazy busy and I know you have been over to see me and I haven't come over to you...I do the same...change it up...but I feel I have neglected my blog for the past month...whats your instagram profile name?
mine is blueshineart
I love instagram...
I have been overwhelming friends on Facebook trying to promote my Show I put on twice a year!
I love your blog...and miss checking in regularly...
HUGS...I'll be back soon!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

How strange that we both post the same sort of thing on the same day! Take your time and enjoy spring :)

Line Houde said...

that collection is wonderful, I hope that you don't leave your camera behind for the I phone, but it must be fun anyway!

Bella Sinclair said...

200 pieces?! That is quite an impressive collection. They are gorgeous bottles, and I know it's more than a little sad to see them go. Sending some big hugs your way.


Jamie said...

I've felt the same way lately - blogging (and commenting on my friends blogs) just seems to get harder and harder to keep up with, I'm searching for a way to switch it back from something I "have" to do to something I "get" to do.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, those are beautiful, and you captured them perfectly, especially the top photo!

Seems like a couple of my blog friends have flown over to twitter, and that is how I have been catching up with them. I'm still getting use to the format of twitter.

Megan Coyle said...

wow, I love the bottle photos :) different shapes of glass are just so beautiful. I also love the way you framed these compositions with the clean lines in the background.

blue moss said...

I love how you captured the collections in your photos!!!!!

And I'm so excited about instagram (and the new phone). I downloaded it but this week is so crazy... With so much i have to do that I haven't even let myself sign up.... Something to look forward to.... The one thing I have done is look for cases... But I have looked at so many that I have driven Scott crazy. The only way I got him to look at the one you got is by telling him that "Cindy got this one". :) I love it and the etsy shop. I may have to be a copycat if they sell that one again. (I did manage to order a union jack one....of course!)
Soon we can be instagram buddies. :)
Always thinking of you and your Scott

fifth floor apartment said...

time away from the computer machine is just fine! take it if you need it. hugs!

xo alison