Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden

the new york botanical garden has a lovely monet-inspired garden on display and the vibrant colors are wonderful. love that green, too. enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps looking forward to listening to the new album from missy higgins and the new band to me called nada surf. love the video for when i was young.


painted fish studio said...

it's so beautiful! i bet it smells heavenly, too. happy weekend! xo

Joyce said...

My dear friend you know how to capture not only the beauty of flowers, but for them to come alive right before my eyes on the screen. :) xo

Jamie said...

So, so beautiful.

I'm off to track down the new Missy Higgins.

Line Houde said...

beautiful and so peaceful thank you Cindy!

Megan Coyle said...

lovely Monet colors :)

hope you're having a wonderful start to the week!

blue moss said...

It's amazing the way of capture How beautiful it all is.... The flower in the middle... The red and white with the pink in the middle...its so amazing that it doesn't even look real!!
All the best

Anonymous said...

Such lovely glimpses of exquisite blooms... The colors are so vibrant and cheerful!

Hope you're enjoying a nice first week of June!


cheap gothic lolita dresses said...

These are so beautiful!
Love the sweet flowers!