life : the winners are?

hope you all had a nice weekend! thank you so much for sharing your ideas about white vs. pattern (white won) and your words of encouragement. also, a big thank you for sharing the moments you're looking forward to this holiday season. it was so nice to read them and it seems spending time with family is the at the top of your lists. sounds good to us and what the holiday is really all about.

choosing one winner of the garland was super-hard, so we've chosen two. a click of the mouse using says the winners of the butterfly garlands are deb and meg. happy monday!

xo, cindy

ps to respond to michelle t's comment (couldn't find your email), i mostly use a 35mm prime lens. there is no image stabilization or zoom in the lens, so it's not great for everything, but it's really light, compact and allows in a lot of light. i love it!


Megan Walker said...

NOOOOOOO WAY!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I won something! I never win anything! Especially something so LOVELY as this! I am so excited Cindy! Thank you, thank you - you're just the BEST! :)



Congrats to the winners!
Lovely new week Cindy~

My name is PJ. said...

Congratulations to the winners! (cue the confetti)

(muttered under the loser's breath): schnugglewashinfloogerdorfen!!!!!!!!!

erin said...

oh darn it! didn't make it over in time! glad for deb and meg though! xo.

Bella Sinclair said...

Woooohooooooo! Congratulations!

Betcha sweet patootie I'm coming back to your store in January to get me one. :)