pics : it SNOWED!

Boots & Tree
song : it snowed by meaghan smith

you might have heard about the big snowstorm on the east coast this weekend. well, it's true and i ventured out to get us some pictures from our neighborhood. i had to go all by myself because scott hurt his foot late last week and can't walk on it. at all. no grocery shopping. no laundry. no friendly snowball fights. we can't believe it! just like that he's out of commission. see, you never know. we're going to the doctor today to see how he's doing, so please cross you fingers for us. should be interesting in the cold snow - yikes! see you tomorrow with some holiday pics. hope you had a nice weekend!

xo, cindy

Branches & Ornaments
Snow People
Berries & Birdhouses
Silver & Gold
Mixed Messages
mixed messages in this one ;).


julie king said...

loving these photos, cindy, especially the little balls hanging in the tree. so sorry to hear about scott's foot. hope he hurt it doing something fun like the holiday boogey!!

take care and happy holidays to both of you.

cupcake studio said...

Oh my! Gorgeous snow! Merry Christmas!

erin said...

hoping scott feels better soon, soon! enjoy the snow!

in another lifetime said...

I hope Scott's foot heals soon! Stay warm!

blue moss said...

love the snowy pics!!!
hope scott is up and about soon!
and.....i did get the picture taken for my christmas cards. so now i am getting copies and my daughter is all done with her exams, so i'm hoping to get her to help me with them! i will get them done...i will get them done!!!
thanks for the pep talk

Lizzy said...

Ah I'm jealous! We did get snow on our mountains a week ago, but now the California sun has melted it all away.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Wow! The photos are beautiful, and the snow gives everything a magical aura. The ornaments hanging in the tree are especially delightful.

I'm sorry to hear about Scott's foot, and I hope you get good news at the doctors today for a speedy recovery!

Pascale said...

Lovely photos, Cindy! And I like your polka dotted boots!
I hope Scott will be on - both - his feet again soon!
Take care and enjoy the holidays... and the snow!

xo, Pascale

Joyce said...

Yes I heard about the snow. Looks beautiful! I hope Scott's foot. My fingers are cross. xo

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooooh YOUR snow is BEAUTIFUL!!!
LOVE your photos!!!

My name is PJ. said...

Oh poor Scott! I hope he's back on his feet soon!

The photos were WONDERFUL! It's enough to make even the grinchiest people all holly and jolly!

Julia said...

Oh no! I hope Scott's foot is heaps better!

Candi said...

I hope Scott is feeling better! Gorgeous pics. I'm jealous of all the snow!!!

hmstrjam said...

love this series cindy! we got about 20 in. of snow and 50 mph winds which blew the power out but we love shoveling snow so all was good!

Megan Walker said...

Woweee! Love all the cheery, white, snowy pictures! Love that song too - I downloaded it. Do NOT love that Scott got hurt :( I am hoping a newer post will have an update, as I am finally catching up w/ my fave blogs! Thanks for venturing out on your own for these awesome pics Cindy :)


thislovelycity said...

What sweet photos! Especially the ornaments hanging from the tree. I'm so jealous over here on the west coast --and wishing to see a little snow!! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! xo.

Michelle said...

How pretty! I wish it snowed more in Atlanta, but alas, it does not.