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Bee Garden
the bee garden is happy even if you're not a bee.

hello, hello! although we've lived in queens for many years, i'm sorry to say we've just visited the queens botanical garden for the first time, recently. it's a lovely garden embracing sustainability in landscape and building design through its LEED platinum program, which is helping the organization make a name for itself.

Green Design +  A Rose
the new administration building and green roof are wonderful examples of sustainable design and include bioswales used to collect storm water.

Rose Garden
i love structure in the garden and the copper rose trellis's are wonderful.

there are so many different 'rooms' within the garden and an emphasis on water. i didn't capture some of the water features very well and will have to go back.

Fragrance Garden
this structure in the fragrance garden is the coolest one i've seen.

Rose Garden
a few more trellis's.


and flowers pick themselves said...

wow. so splendid!

xo Alison

Krissy said...

it looks so inviting! i can't even think of walking around at our botanical gardens- it's just insanely hot!!!

Michelle Brunner said...

Love the photo of the yellow rose! The Queens botanical garden looks divine!

Jamie said...

I've been missing your flower photos! So beautiful

Persis Shah said...

it's so gorgeous and looks so tranquil! im loving it!


Asya said...

Hi Cindy, I had no idea Queens had a Botanical Garden, thank you for introducing it to me, it looks lovely and relaxing. And thank you for your encouraging words about the NY Gift Fair. I am looking forward to it!

courtney said...

this looks so beautiful! i have a list as long as my arm of the various gardens and whatnot that i need to visit here in toronto.

now i have even more motivation - your pics look so lush and green!

erin said...


darling savage said...

very lovely. pretty gardens are treasures. :)

Denise said...

shame on me too! I am a native Queens girl and I don't think I've ever been. Your photos make me want to ruse right out. xo

Bri said...

OK I hate bees but those little bee hives are so cute!