nyc | seaside town

City Island
love seaside towns and city island is actually located nearby in the bronx.

City Island
it is quaint and has a nice mix of architectural-styles, along with the requisite lobster house. i love lobster rolls because they're compact and i don't have to actually choose a lobster.

City Island
this truck is fantastic and so is the matching house, which is represented in three photos in this set. can we say 'stalker' or 'peeping tom' ;)?

City Island
zinnias are a favorite flower and so are those flowing grasses. i know, it always comes back to flowers. i just can't help myself.

this is the view of the bay from the cemetery. pretty nice and quiet.

now, in the interest of full disclosure, these pics are were taken several months ago, but getting their debut, today. scott had to work saturday and yesterday we just wandered around aimlessly to give him a break. in my quiet, alone time, i did find quite a bit of new music for y'all. first up is laredo from band of horses with its quintessential summer vibe. i love the photography in the video, too. hope your weekend was great!

xo, cindy

ps we are so hooked on dexter. we'll get a dvd with four episodes on it and try to watch only one a day. IMPOSSIBLE! and, is anyone watching mad men this season?


Michelle Brunner said...

Beautiful pictures! I am obsessed with Band of Horses right now:)

Jamie said...

What a beautiful spot and the photos are amazing.

I love Laredo - just put it in a mix I'm working on for a future post - great minds and all that...

painted fish studio said...

your photos transport me right to the location! thanks for the tour.

i won't see this season's mad men until it's on netflix. don't spoil anything for me! ;)

Line said...

beautiful pics again that truck and that cemetery is the best place to rest in peace!!

Dawn said...

how are the temperatures up there? it's so hot over here I don't dare step outside, unless I can escape to air conditioning for a bit. i wish I could walk around with you... you visit so many great places!

Krissy said...

Love the pics- that cemetery is really eerily beautiful.
Glad you guys are hooked on Dexter!!! It's so great.

courtney said...

these are fabulous pics!! you make everything look so pretty - such a great eye!

i'm SO hooked on dexter. i actually had to put it aside and watch Six Feet Under (which i subsequently developed an addiction to, as well!)

i'm midway through season four of Dexter. can't wait til the new season starts up!!

L'Atelier said...

love the photos! they absolutely beautiful

and dexter is f A b
i am waiting for the next season..talking bout suspense!

Punctuation Mark said...

great images... love the one with the truck and the house... i didn't watch mad men on sunday but will definitely catch up wit it... loving the new season!

cindy said...

thanks everyone and i won't say a word to spoil mad men. ok, maybe one - CRAZY.

we just found who the ice truck killer is on dexter and i'm not surprised. i thought that guy was shady ;)!

Bri said...

I want to go there! Those are some great pictures. Gorgeous.

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore these photos and that truck is fabulous... would love to have one of those!

Megan Walker said...

Cindy, your seaside cemetery photo is truly exquisite - it stopped me in my tracks! Really a beauty :)


Candi said...

Very, very pretty! This part of NY resembles Northern California so much!