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Institute of You
Institute of You
do you see the words on the pencil? explore. dream. discover.
i didn't plan it, just needed a green pencil for a prop!

hello, hello! i've completed the final phase, way forward, of the institute of you program, and it was a breeze. kind of like that victory lap athletes take after they're won the race or the stanley cup or whatever. this final phase helps you take all the work you've previously done and put it into actionable items in three exercises:
  1. my time - using the saying no & reprioritizing project exercises, you create a daily schedule of activities by allocating real time for the new projects you might want to work on going forward. i'm still fine-tuning this as there are certain activities i naturally gravitate to at certain parts of the day and i'd like to work that in.
  2. next actions - this exercise seemed a bit duplicative of the saying no & reprioritizing project exercises, so i didn't complete it (cheater!). i had created a detailed project planning list in the backcasting exercise and felt i had moved on at this point.
  3. get on a roll - this is the coolest exercise and it will be ongoing. if you've ever had a streak you know you don't want to break it. so, by checking off each day you work on one of your goals no matter how big or small you are nudged in the most subtle way to keep going.
{this post is my version of war & peace ... you'll see it never ends}

so, after completing the program, my personal vision statement is - i am working in the role of collector, where i am doing photography, writing & exploring. the people i work with are smart, authentic & loving. together, we are working to share my perspective on the pretty things in life, which makes me feel like jumping out of bed, everyday.

in the end, it's not that surprising to me or as different from my current snapshot as i originally thought, which is a relief. i'm still fine-tuning it a bit (not sure about the word 'pretty') and the reference to collector is meant to apply to many things - images, objects, experiences. i have a long list of things i'd like to do. some i will and some i won't, which is ok. here are a few -

things i will do
  1.  blog - change the name to replace 'handmade'; develop a flexible editorial calendar; expand my horizons for content.
  2. photos - develop a wish list of publications/sites to submit my work to and submit it; create a new blurb book all about flowers.
  3. me - stay focused; expand my network; celebrate the successes, minimize the flops and accept that they both will happen. 
things i might do
  1. blog - after the name change, migrate to a new address; advertise.
  2. photos - sell some; new blurb book/magazine with never before seen work.
  3. shop - open a vintage shop on etsy.
  4. me - get a pet - birds or a dog.
{see, this post is just like the energizer bunny ... it just keeps going and going}
    i hope i can do all of those things and then some. i've already submitted a photo to a very sweet blog (it was accepted) and had an inquiry for a blogging gig that i turned down because it didn't quite fit into my personal vision. i think having a plan is going to make all the difference. i really loved this program and got much more out of it than i expected.

    thanks to all of you for joining on me on this journey and your words of encouragement & advice along the way. also, thanks to trish from the institute of you for all of her help and support.

    xo, cindy

    ps this is a special playlist with a song representing how i felt during each phase. there are particular lyrics that resonated with me, but i'll spare you that much detail. official videos are included, when available.
    1. Aims - drive by incubus.
    2. Reflection - looking back by keane featuring k'naan.
    3. Reality - endless corner by lior. the camera work in this video makes me dizzy so i don't watch it. love those strings, though. my first choice was i'll take it from here by jonatha brooke, but i couldn't find a full version online.
    4. Options - in this phase i enter the darkness with crawling by linkin park, which contains  lots of screaming. lightness soon follows with breathe from anberlin. my eardrums were happy.
    5. Way Forward - my best days are ahead of me by danny gokey.
    {ahhh, do you hear that? the sound of silence, finally}


      Joyce said...

      Hi Cindy! I have so... much to catch up in your corner. The program sounds interesting. Of course the photos are fab. xo

      blue moss said...

      i am very impressed by your very focused plans...

      and excited about all your new adventures....
      am super excited about your etsy shop
      and i would love to buy a photo
      ...all so good, friend :)

      Krissy said...

      Hooray for you, Cindy! I'm excited to see what you do here and for a vintage Etsy shop :)

      Trish said...

      Cindy, it's been a pleasure (and great source of inspiration!) to watch you work through the program. My sincerest congratulations, once again. :)

      Jen said...

      I love inspiring, goal oriented posts like this! It gets me in the mood to focus on my goals and plans. Thanks Dear!

      Julia said...

      Congratulations! I feel like throwing you a party--this is quite the accomplishment, Cindy! It's incredibly inspiring. Of course, seeing it all laid out in lists is particularly attractive to me. It makes me think "ah, yes! All is attainable!" Bravo, you!

      Erika Lee Sears said...

      Congratulations! You can do this :) I have to think in small steps because the large ones are too intimidating!

      aimee said...

      can i be organized like you for just one day please??

      and flowers pick themselves said...

      awesomeness, cindy! i love the way you wrote this post.

      xo Alison

      Jamie said...

      Congrats! It sounds as if you are on a fantastic path. Can't wait to see where it takes you.

      And - AMAZING playlist.

      painted fish studio said...

      i love this post! i am so excited for you, and so excited to see what you'll be revealing in the future. yay-rah-rah, cindy!

      cindy said...

      thanks you guys for listening to my rambles and hope they gave just a bit of helpful information.

      Shari Lidji said...

      hi cindy, i'm so proud of all the hard work you've done through the institute of you. i particularly appreciate the things you WILL do and the things you MIGHT do lists. ambitious but achievable. i'm hoping you'll move #4 on might do to at least #4 on WILL do. preferably of the canine variety. how lucky you ALL would be to have one another. have a great weekend!

      L'Atelier said...

      i really enjoyed reading this post.
      after being off the blog world for a while i have been thinking bout changes on my blog. reading your goals made me excited for all the beautiful things to come round here but also gives me the curage to look at my work and reedite and move on...
      thanks for sharing