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Sweet Peas
Sweet Peas

as much as i love pink roses, i love sweet peas even more. they are hard for me to grow and when i do find a bunch in the farmer's market they're not inexpensive. these were $20 and only lasted a few days, but sometimes you just have to splurge, a bit. well, scott does :).

turns out, the hardest part was taking a photo of me holding them even with scott's help. i set up the camera on the tripod, so all i had to do was get centered and it should be no big deal, right? not! i couldn't hold them straight or get my fingers not to look all weird, plus i could see the entire camera move when scott pressed the shutter. every time. dude, gently! so, i got out the wireless remote control, which he pressed while sitting on the couch. oy!

xo, cindy

ps michelle of blue moss has a lovely post today about our vintage shop. thank you, michelle!


nest full of eggs said...

gorgeous pinks !!

painted fish studio said...

they are definitely worth the $20!

Joyce said...

I just love these photos so bright and fresh!! I think you better hide your camera from Scott, he has a good eye! xo

Meg the Wild Child said...

Wow, you did an awesome job! Your styling is always impeccable too! And the sweet peas... well, they're so SWEET :) Love the precious little vase too :)

Happy Happy! xoxo

blue moss said...

I'm giggling thinking of you and Scott talking the pics. Big smiles. I love the pretty pink flowers and your pretty pink gingham shirt!
And.....I am loving opening up my blog and seeing your beautiful photos there. :)

Happy happy weekend

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahahaha! Aww, Scott's just a very strong guy, what? ;) The sweet peas are gorgeous! So delicate and feminine.