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Tip Toe
Pink Tulips

i'm no bill cunningham when it comes to street photography, but sometimes people 'step into my shot' and i get lucky. it's supposed to be fun though, right?

well, see the last photo? aren't those ladies who look like sisters cute? i saw them and hurried to the end of the path to take a photo as they walked towards me. then, that guy came along. man! in my head i'm like - get out of my shot! - until i realized he was with them, so i probably ruined his shot.

i promptly skedaddled and realized at that moment i'd forgotten to have fun. i mean, if i'm not getting paid for this stuff, i better at least be having some fun. so, to the nice ladies & their friend, i'm sorry. my bad.

xo, cindy

ps the documentary about bill cunningham is fabulous. it's the best movie we've seen all year & it is fun because he is.


painted fish studio said...

you gave me a good little laff, because i can totally hear you saying "get out of my shot!" :)

Cindy said...

i'm usually very patient and will even step out of other people's shots if i notice, especially in public gardens because there are so many 'serious' photographers with their big lenses and tripods stalking the flowers.

once, we waited for a particular lily that was basked in the most beautiful sunlight. the other photographer set up his tripod and fiddled endlessly. i gave up, but came back one hour later, and he was still there, but the sun was not. i figured out through flickr who it was and saw his photo, which was very nice, but my alternative was ok, too.

Carolyn said...

Love your blog! Beautiful pictures and very inspiring.

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Line said...

ha ha taking pictures should be fun... maybe you wanna become a professional, why not!!

Cindy said...

only if it would be fun, line :)! thanks, carolyn.

Erika Lee Sears said...

Yes have fun with photography. I am a learning to be more patient when I shoot because sometimes I feel like I have to hurry up because I don't want for people to get fussy but I enjoy a steady photo. I really want to learn more about night time photography :)

jane said...

oh the pinks!!
p.s. i love taking pictures of people, but it drives jorge crazy. i want to hang out with you!!

Cindy said...

erika - i agree and the difference is probably just a few extra seconds. i want to take fewer, but better framed photos and at night time, too.

yes, jane ... let's do. hope all is well with you!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha! You are so funny!

Aww, I really love the little girl in the white tulip bed. Darling!

Bonbon Oiseau said... you are so funny. i am trying to remember, via you, to have fun too...what's on for memorial day?!!!

blue moss said...

So funny....and I love the shot even with him in it. You always make me smile.

Meg the Wild Child said...

Beautiful, vibrant colors (and subjects!)!!! It's always the nice, trying-to-be-patient ones who seem to lose out of the "perfect" shot, hehe :) But you still manage to get such gorgeous ones anyway :)

You have me wanting to see that Bill Cunningham documentary BADLY!!!