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Green Snowballs
Cute Pup

i've been lamenting the lack of a viewfinder on our point & shoot camera quite a bit, particularly outdoors in the sunlight. you just can't see very much in bright light and things aren't always composed properly in the frame.

but, a pleasant surprise has to do with the photos for our shop (items with the pink rose & blue background). the image stabilizer on the camera is great, so i haven't used a tripod as a result. i suppose there is a silver-lining to the snafu and i should consider no longer tagging my photos in flickr with - 'my dslr is broken' ;).

xo, cindy

ps i find a lot of new music through noisetrade, including laura jansen. beautiful!


Meg the Wild Child said...

I still love your pics, and I'm always a fan of the main subject being off to the side just so. And you know me - a cute pup is always a favorite! :)

Thanks for posting your method of madness in finding new tunes - I've always wondered how you find so much cool new stuff!


L'Atelier said...

i think you should keep the tag- i for one love it!
and i love your photos but am sorry for your restraint of view

oh and i just read a quote from Ara Guller (justlovetheguy!): the important thing is not the camera but the man behind it.
- as you proven this is so true!

Jamie said...

After using my point and shoot exclusively in Switzerland, I agree - sometimes small and simple are better.

Line said...

a sweet view, but I agree with L'Atelier the photograph behind the camera counts...but I remember when camera was broken, and I was in N-Y with a small point and shoot that I knew nothing about!!