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Short Cut
Hanging Planters
worried about how the pretty trees & gardens would deal with the wind & torrential rain from hurricane irene.

Boarded Up
Taped Up
even the fish shack was boarded up and people used a lot of masking tape and duct tape on their windows. i hope it comes off easily and these two clearly have an ocd-issue with the straight lines.

Party On
Welcome Mat.
people partied on and sweetleaf cafe put out a typical new york-style welcome mat for hurricane irene while serving up mighty good coffee. check out this photo of the flat iron building.

Bread Run
runs on bread, milk and haagen daz (?) were the norm. we stocked up on things like batteries and seemed to be constantly re-charging our electronics, social teas, water that was put into the freezer and bumble bee tuna salad in a can with crackers in case the power went out. now, i'll have to eat it anyway.

Branch Down
just a few fallen branches and leaves everywhere, but i'm relived most of the sycamores made it through the storm because without them our neighborhood is ordinary. this suv looks worse than it is, i think. it didn't seem to be damaged, but more like it was camouflaged.

well hello! i seem to have taken an unplanned, unapproved blog break for a one-week summer vacation. scott was off last week and there was quite a bit going on. did you hear about the hurricane? it was scary, but after watching the news almost non-stop for several days, i think that can be expected. we were pretty much spared a lot of damage here in nyc, but new jersey and new england were not so lucky. i still can't believe all the flooding in vermont!

prior to the hurricane, we went to a new beach town, spiffed up our kitchen which is still being tweaked, took charlie to the doctor a few times, got my camera back and rearranged all of our inspiration boards (oy!), so i've gone in reverse with some before and after hurricane pics from around our neck of the woods. hope you all are well.

xo, cindy

ps i loved hearing mayor bloomberg speak spanish about the hurricane. the thing is he would go on in english for around ten minutes and then the spanish version would last about one.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Cindy- glad to see you and your family are all safe and sound. I am fond of old trees but glad to see there was no real damage.

Line said...

Cindy these pics are great I guess you where out there before and after Irene!

Joyce said...

This is one houseguest I can bet you are happy she moved on. :) Great photos Cindy! I too glad your trees were spared. xo

Jamie said...

So glad it wasn't as bad as expected and hope things get back to normal very quickly.

painted fish studio said...

you survived irene! you deserve a t-shirt! :) glad it wasn't terrible and that you are safe. a vacation was well deserved, too.

tamara said...

so glad to hear you all were relatively unscathed. lovely photos as always.

Meg the Wild Child said...

So glad your beautiful trees - and especially YOU and your family - are all right. My thoughts have been with you all week. And have you been a busy bee or what!


fifth floor apartment said...

so happy you've remained safe. that first photo is magic. have a wonderful day.

xo Alison