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Art Door

breakfast of champions in our place.

Pink Flower
a freebie flower from kate spade.

scott's new (fancy) slippers from ll bean. charlie got a pair, too.

Green Tea
green tea ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry - ok.

today is the 277th day of the year, leaving just 88 days remaining and in my 365-project. hur-ray! if anyone would like to try this kind of project, my advice would address the most challenging part of it for me - numbering. i number the photos sequentially and somehow have missed count on two occasions, which is not a walk in the park to correct. so, i would suggest using the date, instead. today is 10-4, ok.

xo, cindy


cindy* said...

I love Scott's new fancy AND cozy. I'm always in awe of the 365 projects, one day I'll do it...I swear!

Jamie said...

Oh - I'm in love with that Kate Spade flower

fifth floor apartment said...

that 2nd photos is so so so so adorable. i love it!

xo Alison

aimee said...

only you could make a freebie flower and cheerios look so good! great pics!

Line said...

I want that icecream!!!

tamara said...

green tea ice cream is divine!

Elizabeth said...

Love all the colors and the feel of all the photos!!

Denise said...

your pictures always make me smile!

Joyce said...

Your ice cream looks good. Doesn't it seem like yesterday you started this project? I can't believe you only have 88 days. xo

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I just love all the sneak peaks :)

L'Atelier said...

that's a good idea! i had the same problem while doing the 365
love the photos!