garden | fall in wave hill

Flower Garden
Mosaic Plant

somehow, i go it into my head yesterday that all the photos on our computer had to be re-organized, immediately. i thought i was pretty systematic with my image-handling, but they are all over the place - iphoto, lightroom, my photos, pictures, back-ups - oy!

i've already deleted 3,000+ and i bet there are at least that many more headed for the trash. i just hope i don't delete something 'important' in my haste, but fortunately, these three from wave hill are safe and sound online.

although it's a smaller botanical garden, wave hill always has the most wonderful art installations and the current exhibit is about the hive culture of honeybees. my favorite images were the bittersweet & delicate photos of bees by talia greene, which you can see online.

xo, cindy


painted fish studio said...

i really need to spend some quality time with my laptop and do some image purging. i'm trying to get into the habit of deleting product shots when i'm done with them but i'm so lazy about it!

i'm fascinated by the last photo... little squares? what amazing plant is that?

Cindy said...

it's not a lot of fun and each time i convince myself i'll be more diligent in the future!

isn't that plant cool? i love the pattern. it's called mosaic plant - makes sense.

aimee said...

that last piece looks like a mosaic -- how do you do it? please say i can tag along with you next time :)

Cindy said...

of course, but i don't snap too many pics with other people, so you'll do me a favor!

Jamie said...


Good luck with the organization project - so much work.

Line said...

lovely pics Cindy it looks like I would need to organize my pictures too but I'm to lazy to do it!

tamara said...

oh yes i need to do the same. it is an unfortunate side-effect of digital photography, i think -- thousands of photos snapped and then stored lonely on a harddrive. at least it's that way for me.

L'Atelier said...

i thought i have been quite good about deleting editing and storing photos - usually do it at least every couple of months-- but after 3 years of photography.. ahm i have a pile on my hard drive and will have to reedit them i think.
i really love the last photo it so so amazing!
oh and NO!! aimee and you cant go off to some park together WITHOUT me!! because i might burst out of jealousy!!! ;)

fifth floor apartment said...

the blue in the first photo = gah! so gorgeous!

and you've inspired me to reorganize my photos on my laptop. it's a disaster area :)

xo Alison