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bergdorf goodman windows, nyc.

a few weeks ago charlie decided he wanted to treat himself to new shoes. great! being a new yorker they are all black and include: slippers, sneakers and dress shoes. i'm not sure why he needed the dress shoes, but he insisted.

last weekend, we took him out to lunch and he was wearing the dress shoes, which kind of remind me of herman munster. we head out to the restaurant about 250' door to door and charlie's moving pretty fast. it's all good. then, just as we turn the corner he stops and says "oh no, why did i wear these shoes? it's the first time i took them out of the box and they don't bend. i should have worn my sneakers!" and from that point on he stops every 10' to say the same thing. oy!

fortunately, we made it back, but i don't think we're ever going to see those shoes again and that's fine with us. this weekend we hope to go to the chinese new year parade in flushing, queens and will not be wearing dress shoes :). have a great weekend & don't forget to break in those shoes!

xo, cindy


painted fish studio said...

i wish you had posted this before i went to las vegas last weekend. it was so summery and warm so i immediately put on my new sandals and then walked a couple of miles down the strip... i'm still nursing blisters and achy arches! i feel your pain, charlie! your weekend sounds wonderful, enjoy. xo

Cindy said...

oh man, i'm sorry for your blisters. fortunately, he didn't get any, but we should have gone back for his sneakers. we just had no idea walking one block would be like climbing mount everest :)!

Bella Sinclair said...

Style before comfort. :D Gosh, aren't there places that will break in a shoe for you? Poor Charlie. You say Herman Munster, and I think shoes that are 5 inches off the ground, hehehe.

Love that purse in the window! Have a great time this weekend!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Oy indeed!!
quite funny moments i must say though!
You captured great window display images, Cindy! I always find them the hardest to take, with all the reflective quality on the glass window!

aimee said...

sometimes the joy of new things is "all in the getting". sounds like he satisfied that part of the procurement process, even though it probably drove you bonkers! :D

Cindy said...

i took the photos just after sunset, which seems like the perfect time for reducing glare, lenore.

it seemed like the tradition of getting new shoes for school. not sure, but he was totally exhausted after buying three pairs and i would be, too.

Joyce said...

Cindy beautiful photos. Did you send your photos to BG? Your Charlie stories are a hoot! I can't edit to see your photos from this weekend. Enjoy!! xo

Line Houde said...

great shots!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh boy that must have been something to witness! Nice windows :)

blue moss said...

Love that Charlie!
And the pics are FABULOUS.
Hope it was the best weekend.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

swoon, I love that typewriter and the letters. forget the fashion, that styling is awesome!!

Asiye Ivedi said...

lol! breaking in shoes is a very important thing indeed-- love the pics they are really fab! wish i could go shopping there...