fun : 2008 unreported favorites

Hi Everyone -

It's hard to believe, but 2008 is just about over! Wow, where did the time go? It really
has been such an incredible year from our historic election to economic strife. Let's hope that the inauguration will help things turn the corner and head in a positive direction. Since there were some favorites not mentioned this year, we thought we could do it in one final post before January 1st. We wish you all a very Happy & Safe New Year and only good things in 2009.

xo, Cindy & Scott


Death Cab For Cutie : Narrow Stairs
Amazon : iTunes
We didn't really listen to them until hearing this wonderful album. Now, we're listening in reverse and discovering some older music that's new to us.

Allman Brothers Band : A Decade of Hits 1969-1979
Amazon : iTunes
A classic band in every sense that Scott loves and Cindy, too.

William Eggleston at The Whitney Museum of Art
Mr. Eggleston is thought of as the photographer who secured the acceptance of color photography as a fine art. Images are never staged and capture scenes from daily life. His use of a
dye-transfer printing process provides rich, saturated colors. See more images here.

Macaron Cafe
It wasn't until Cindy's two failed attempts to make French Macarons that she looked to see if they could be found in NYC. She did, a mere ten blocks from her office. Find them in your town here.

The Script
This group from Ireland has a very strong pop sound and reminds us of a combination of John Legend & One Republic. For a long time, Cindy just couldn't get the song Before The Worst out of her head, which meant Scott couldn't either.

This movie is so tough (were going to say bad-ass, but didn't want to eat soap ;)), we wanted to immediately see it again. We're not smokers, but Thandie Newton sure makes it look sexy and Gerard Butler is so cool.

Marlow & Sons
How did we ever miss this incredibly cool restaurant/shop in Brooklyn? We went for the first time the other day without a camera - ugh! It felt like we were transported to Montana 100 years ago
and can't wait to go back.

Stereophonics : My Own Worst Enemy
This is Cindy's favorite song for the entire year, but unfortunately there is no video. Perhaps, they need a concept? Here it is - 1960s Go-Go Dancer.

Radiohead : House of Cards
We're so happy to see Scott entering the 21st century with this favorite song and its techno-cool video.

Top Gear
We love cars and this show is all about pushing them to the max. The guys look like they're having so much fun and we consider it as one of the inspirations behind starting our blog.

Gwen Stefani : Early Winter
Gwen collaborated on the writing of this song with Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane and it's a beautiful song. But, it's also visually gorgeous and Cindy really loves the green and black Dolce & Gabbana dress Gwen wears.

Please indulge is as we throw in a couple of our own favorite posts. Except for the self-portrait part, Summer Vacation was totally impromptu and photographed all in one day. Surfing is a favorite because it really was so silly.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Death Cab fan - love love love!

cindy : quaint said...

i also love the 'plans' album! c

Michelle Brunner said...

I just loved your Summer Vacation post! You guys are too cute! Great picks for 2008..I am going to have to check out The Script! I just love Irish bands! Have you heard of the Saw Doctors? Another great Irish band.

ambika said...

Ooo, I'll have to check out the Gwen video when I have time later. & I should think about my own 2008 recap list!

please sir said...

Crazy right? Love your round-up of favorites - they are wonderful to remember!

Lizzy said...

Great 2008 round-up!

aimee said...

great summary of your year - i especially like the photo!

bandelle said...

Happy New Year to you, too! And how I wish I could sample one of those delightful little macarons...

x Kylie

julie king said...

you have me humming that favorite things tune. hee hee i so enjoy seeing and hearing about brooklyn and nyc thru your blog. i've visited a few times (ny stationery show always in may)but must say i've never truly experienced it the way you allow me to.

thanks and happy new year!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Happy New Year to you two! Have just been going back through your blog (i finally have some time!) and it's so nice to be here, as always...great review list (am going to see the Whitney on Friday!) and I always love your musical picks!
Here's to more Cindy and Scott in '09! (and yes of course i still have that bracelet for you! maybe we can meet at the macaron cafe some time for a hand-off and a cookie? :)

Julia said...


One of my all time favorite blogger friends: YUP YUP YUP, it's YOU :)

cindy : quaint said...

you all are such lovely ladies and have really enriched our lives this year, but especially mine! i'm looking forward to seeing the new things 2009 will bring to all of us!

deb, that sounds like a fantastic idea! i've been rationing those macarons and i'm just about done. each new flavor is my favorite ;)!

happy new year, again! xo, c

Elizabeth said...

Nice photo and very fun list to read! My mind isn't in great order to do any sort of list like yours! Happy 2009 to you both!

Mrs.French said...

you too dear friends...hope your 2009 is magical...xo t

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! I love your photos, you're so organized and creative!

Aran said...

great list. happy new year cindy!

suzanne cabrera said...

What a great way to end the year. I love it! Oh...and whats not to love about anything that includes a little Radiohead?


Gwen Stephanie rocks! Wishing you the best for '09!

Anonymous said...

Found you through good-ness this morning. Fun to read your list and to read some highlights of NYC. Happy New Year!

leptitpapillon said...

Beautiful blog !
Happy 2009!

a print a day said...

argh. macarons are a bad habit for me. i love them to pieces.

hmstrjam said...

yummy macaroons, i love the show top gear, watch it every monday night (maybe with some macaroons would be nice!)

Pascale said...

Macaroons! YUM! I discovered them soon after we moved to Paris. I can't resist a good coffee flavored or pistachio macaroon ... They made me forget all about my Starbucks Coffee Frapuccino...