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Hi Everyone -

Jess has created a wonderful place for inspiration and love through her Pecannoot project. I was so happy when she agreed to post a photo of Scott's collection of Corgi cars, which remind us of childhood innocence and carefree fun. In light of recent events, the timing couldn't be better.

Thanks for all of your well wishes, especially for Scott's Mom. She's doing better each day and wants to go home. Sounds good to us. There's no place like it.

Have a wonderful day!

xo, Cindy


blue moss said...

so glad she is doing better :)
going to pecannoot now...

Joyce said...

This is good news for mil when she wants to go home. Yahoo...

I'm off to visit pecannoot.

Have a golden day!

i.d. said...

These are so cute! For some reason it reminds me of the Where The Wild Things Are movie trailer. :)