fun : tag, i'm it!

Evening Peonies.

Hi Everyone -

Oh man, I am a Libra and instantaneous decisions are really not my forte. In class the other day, we had to quickly narrow down the photos we took for an assignment about light to 3. I had about 30 pics and I don't think I picked the 'best' ones. I chose the second photo above, but maybe it really needs the first one because I like things in pairs. I'm also not one to take up a lot of the teacher's time or ask many questions. After all these years, I'm still really shy in school.

Sweet Candace and Courtney tagged little 'ol me with some questions that are kind of similar, so I'm going to do one list and complete it quickly, since I usually obsess about these things. I hope I get it right ;). Here goes -

1. My current obsession: 35mm prime lense gets me off my keyster since it has no zoom. Who thought photography could be such good exercise and lead me to cool things like this?

2. One item from my wardrobe I wear most often: Gap Favorite Tees.

3. The last thing I bought: Patchwork Camera Strap from Erin.

4. I’m listening to: Anberlin, especially Unwinding Cable Car when I feel discouraged.

5. Any Pets? Why or why not: We have an imaginary dog named, Lucy. We don't actually own a dog because we don't want to leave her home alone when we go to work. If we ever do get Lucy it will be after I go on 'pet-urnity' leave. The video store has the cutest parakeets. I'm thinking they might be sweet pets.

6. My favorite holiday spot: Any beach town.

7. 4 words to describe me: Curious, Sentimental, Caring, Worrier.

8. Guilty Pleasure: Store bought flowers in more than one room.

9. The best thing I’ve had to eat or drink lately: Iced Green Tea Latte. I ordered something else and didn't like it. I was going to throw it out. Scott exchanged it for me. Nice!

10. Favorite film: Currently, Everlasting Moments & The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

11. Favorite song: If I try to do this, I'll never finish this list. But, no offense to Chris who sang an awesome version of Heartless, I do think Adam and Allison should be in the finals on American Idol.

12. Favorite Flower: Old-fashioned pink roses.

13. Who makes me laugh: We love the show Rob & Big. The Scottster also makes me laugh when he's not even trying.

14. First sign of spring: The green buds on the hedges outside our building that run almost the entire block.

Ok, now more decisions - I'm going to tag these gals : Erin, Grace, Joyce and Lizzy. Have a very nice weekend!

xo, Cindy

PS Does anyone know how I can include a download to a pdf in Blogger? I'd like to make a summary of the guidelines from our digital lab so we can print it.


julie king said...

love the pink peony shots, cindy! visiting your blog lately gives me a huge case of camera-envy!! i simply have to get an slr camera! i droll over the nikons at best buy!! your list is wonderful. your reference to a pet-urnity is so funny!!!

happy friday, cindy!

aimee said...

oh, you shouldn't feel guilty about store bought flowers in more than one room - you take such beautiful photos of them. those flowers are well deserved and well earned!

Molly said...

fun to learn more about you. and thx so much for the photography lessons. you have inspired me to take my canon rebel off of the auto modes! i use wordpress, so i don't know about blogger and pdfs, but i do hope you figure it our because a printable version would be really handy! molly

Lizzy said...

Oh yay! Thanks for picking me, I love these things! Off to go do it right now!!!!

mary said...

What a great little list! And I am in love with your vintage fan. (And your peonies -- one of my favorites.)

My name is PJ. said...

The peonies are gorgeous! And I'm going to have to try an iced green tea latte! Who'da thunk it??!

erin said...

love loved reading this! so glad you had such beautiful flowers all week! and uhoh, i've been tagged by you and julia...promise i'll get on it this weekend! bisous!

p.s. if you ever tire of that fan, i'll take it ;)

hmstrjam said...

hehe much love to Lucy! Always love your flower photos!

Fifi Flowers said...

Good to learn about YOU! Andddd I didn't know they made a movie of the No 1 Ladies Detectve Agency... loved the book!

Rachel Follett said...

I loved that part about pet-urnity! You are too funny. Lovely photos and those curtains are so pretty!

Candi said...

Thanks for participating :) You should totally get a Lucy! In the meantime, we can always share this Lucy :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

love learning more about you cindy (although I already knew you were curious, sentimental and caring!
I'm not sure how to include a downloadable pdf but it must be possible...have you tried the blogger help desk or a fully functioning html person?
in the meantime maybe if someone asked you for it you could email it to them?

jess gonacha said...

what great answers! i'll have to check out Anberlin-- I'm intrigued by the name!

[J] said...

Oh, I love peonies!

Claire said...

Just discovered your blog -- it's fun learning with you =) I love, love, love your desk!

elise said...

There is such a whimsy and beauty about who you are in what you post and I just want to thank you so very much for doing so. This blog is like a fine letter written on onion skin and a feather pen. I keep coming back to see so many things. What captivated me especially was the Pink Sewing room , it is a room with a view,and I've viewed many wonderful times. Thanks again,