fun : a few favorites {1}

Bonbon Oiseau
Coral or jade earrings look lovely with Deb's delicate bracelet.

Dolce Chic
I purchased the pansy print from Ms. Candace Rose and she included the rose print because she noticed I marked it as a favorite in Flickr. So sweet and appreciated.

WREN Handmade
I love small things, especially when I don't have the patience (talent) to make them myself.

Hi Everyone -

This weekend I realized -
  1. Shows like The 'Real' Housewives of New Jersey are bad influences on me if I watch them too much ;).
  2. Although understandable in light recent events, this blog has become too focused on us, namely me, me, me (see #1).
  3. I haven't posted any favorites in a while and need to get busy.
All week, we'll have favorites photographed on the cheery yellow bandanna included in Cindy*'s Swap box (below). The sun is playing hide & seek in our neck of the woods, but we can deal with it in other ways.

Have a good one!

xo, Cindy


Cicada Studio said...

Get OUT with that little granny square specimens frame!! Too incredible.

cindy : quaint said...

they are so small! each square is less than 3/4"!

Joyce said...

The granny square is fun! Only 3/4" amazing!!

Have a golden week Cindy! xoxo

julie king said...

that top photo of the bracelet hanging on the glass or vase is stunning!

just so you know i like reading about you and your class and what you and scott are up to. i often think the same thing about me though. like jeez, these people must get bored with all my chatter about me and my life and the good old days. somehow i just can't stop though. hee hee

cindy* said...

i love the first photo with your little bonbon...the light is magic!

real housewives sucks me in and makes me a little crazy...i've been told to avoid the new jersey season, i heard it was madness.

cindy : quaint said...

i know what your saying, julie. i enjoy reading about your life and don't think it's boring at all.

cindy* you have to watch it, but be prepared to flip a table afterwards, or at least a pillow - my choice. i'm from new jersey and their accents kill me. oh my gawd, let's have some cawfee and tawk. oh man! i can't wait until tonight - REUNION SHOW!

Jill said...

gorgeous little treats you have there! love the yellow bandana too.

Julia said...

How beautiful all of these treasures are! I especially love the pansie and rose prints :)

wunderbug said...

i love the yellow in all of these shots - so very cheery!

i've never watched the real housewives of new jersey ... i dont think we get it in canada!

My name is PJ. said...

I got sucked into the Real Housewives of New Jersey's like watching life on another planet: kinda scary, sorta interesting, really funny. "My family, we're thick as thieves."


The Housewives of New Jersey is one of my guilty pleasures...Thank goodness for Tivo!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

thank you cindy...that photo is just gorgeous...thank you for the shout and the beautiful homage.

L'Atelier said...

i love your favourites! can understand that they sneak their way into your heart, they are each of them gorgeous

Candi said...

You're the sweetest ever! I absolutely love this photo!!!!! They really look gorgeous against the yellow bandana. Thank you for the shout out :)

suzanne cabrera said...'re not the only one to have been taken hostage by the Real Housewives. Such ugly behavior...and yet so hard to turn away from.

wild child said...

Finally getting caught up on my fave blogs..... loving your favorites, especially the rose print and your yellow bandana :) I even watched a Real Housewives episode for the first time (WHOA)

Meg :)