fun : summertime swap, my turn

Image by Hungry Girl Por Vida

Hi Everyone -

I received the most incredibly generous package from my partner in Nadia's Summertime Swap when I got home yesterday. It was sent by the wonderful Cindy* of Hungry Girl Por Vida and was chock full of the best things, including two CDs of new music that I already love! Cindy* always shares the best recipes on her blog, so I'm very lucky to receive her homemade raspberry meringue kisses.

She also included vanilla beans, which I've never bought for myself because they're always so expensive, edible lavender from Nevada, and some delicious nuts. Scott loves to play cards, so he gets the Reno, NV playing cards, but I get the handmade earrings. It's raining cats and dogs here, so I'll be taking photos as I use the things she sent if/when the sun comes out and will mention some of the new music in a future post.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful package, Cindy*! This swap is so nice because you make two new friends - Sheila + Cindy*!

xo, Cindy

PS My final photography class was great! People recognized the effort I put into the project more than I did and said very nice things about my work. My classmates had wonderful photos and I particularly admired those taken of people and at night. It's very good to see your photos actually printed and displayed to get a feel for your aesthetic. It's quite different than seeing them on a computer monitor.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Ooo, lots of goodies...I'm going to pass by Nadia's Summertime Swap...what a cute idea!
I love the internet and all the great and creative people who we get to meet!

blue moss said...

what a fun swap
(and so glad you enjoyed your class)

omami said...

what a great package!!!!

wild child said...

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! What a great package!

And I'm so happy about how your class turned out - that's awesome!

Meg :)

cindy* said...

yay! glad that you got the package all in one piece...glad that scott gets to enjoy the cards too ;)

glad your photo class ended's always so nerve wracking when you are getting critiqued by your peers...well done!

Joyce said...

Your treasures look great! I'm glad you really enjoyed your classes. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching me a thing or two. xoxo

onesilentwinter said...

wonderful cindy and cindy! makes me happy!!