fun : nadia's summertime swap

Hi Everyone -

I'm participating in a summertime swap over at Nadia's and supposed to post a photo of my package before mailing. The recipient is to remain a secret until she receives it, but here are the things I'm sending according to the guidelines -

* Maditi Postcards.

* Something's Hiding In Here Best Card purchased at Renegrade.

* Wren Handmade Fabric Flower Clips also from Renegrade.

* A few of my photos printed like these.

* Digital Lab summary because she recently purchased a DSLR.

* Quaint Summer Stories playlist, which includes these tracks -
  1. Season Song : KaiserCartel
  2. Younglife : Anberlin
  3. You and Me : Bess Rogers
  4. Becoming : The Brilliant Mistakes
  5. The Fact Remains : Juliana Hatfield
  6. Glorious : Captain
  7. Steer : Missy Higgins
  8. Fee Da Da Dee : The Guggenheim Grotto
  9. Tinfoil Girl : Kathleen Smith
  10. Strawberry Swing : Coldplay
  11. This Tornado Loves You : Neko Case
  12. My Shadow : Keane
  13. Streets of Your Town : Ivy
  14. Misread : Kings of Convenience
  15. Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop : Landon Pigg
  16. Here's Where the Story Ends : The Sundays
  17. Transfiguration, No. 1 : M. Ward
I really enjoyed pulling together the playlist and hope she likes my choices. She's also recently celebrated a birthday - Happy Birthday!

xo, Cindy

Note 6.12.09: My swap was sent to sweet Sheila of Another Lifetime.


wild child said...

She will love everything I'm sure! You did a *GREAT* job!

(..... aside from the fact that I am now declaring myself officially old and crusty because the only thing I even recognize on there is Coldplay.....)

Meg, old geezer :(

My name is PJ. said...

Very creative!

blue moss said...

love your would be such a treat to receive :)

erin said...

what fun! mixed "tapes" are the best!!

Anonymous said...

so lucky to get a lovely package like this, I have to get mine ready!!!

Boubou said...

Bonjour !
first time i come across your blog or second time, just wanted to say that for inspirations or just for a dream, come and take a cup of tea at boubouteatime :) ( collages/Scrapbook and stuff :) )
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Pascale said...

Great set - what a treat! Love your print-outs!!

Pascale said...

Hey!! And you've got a new banner!!
It's great! Feels like summer - exactly what I need right now since it's been rainy and cold here for the last couple of days... Can you believe I had to put on socks again?!

Claire said...

She will love this!

Lacey Jane said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Your packages is LOVELY- would love to receive it- especially that mix of yours!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

ooo! i wish i was the recipient of this one! looks beautiful cindy and i love the wren handmade clips...

jennifer said...

what a lucky recipient!

Krissy said...

loving your tunes :)