fun : happiness is ...

embroidery by says you

this is home is a wonderful new project from erin and christa. participation is open to everyone by sharing an interpretation of the meaning of home through words or images. it's a really nice reminder about the most special place or state of mind there is. mine was home = love.


receiving mail can be a very nice thing, especially from special people. the top postcard was sent to me by sweet jewels and i love the quote.

the second photo includes a custom embroidery that i won in a giveaway by says you on design for mankind. it is just the most special piece and really unbelievable to receive. betsy is a very talented lady and makes the most charming embroideries with a touch of whimsy.

this might be corny, but i have a wonderful book illustrated by monica sheehan called be happy, a little book to help you live a happy life. one thing we've started just before falling a sleep is to reflect on the good things about our day. it's the last thing we do and so nice. sometimes, it's really simple like - we woke up!

hope you have a wonderful weekend! i'd really love to see julie & julia, but scott is working saturday (ugh!) and we're taking charlie to the high line on sunday. hope it's not too hot up there.

xo, cindy

ps i won a couple of other contests last month and will feature them soon.


My name is PJ. said...

Wonderful post. You and Scott are living "the gratitude journal", finding 5 things each day that you are very thankful for. It will change your life. :)

Joyce said...

Congrats on all of your winnings!

A great post my dear friend. Have a golden weekend! xoxox

erin said...

wishing you a very happy weekend! have fun on the high line (i'll be living vicariously through your photos!)

L'Atelier said...

congratulations on your winnings! they are beautiful
happy weekend

designformankind said...

ahhh thanks for the link! and look-- -your embroidery came in! it looks GORGEOUS! :)

Dallas Shaw said...

so great- love that you win!!