fun : happiness is ...

could i wear that skirt any higher? i'm chaneling julia child. i was
inspired by meg to do the the self-portrait even though it makes me uncomfortable. as of 2:26 pm, it's been replaced three times. i'm done, now.

making a simple denim skirt with some patchwork binding i purchased long ago from i heart linen and a fabric flower using a pattern from martha stewart weddings. two more things off the summer to-do list. i got the blouse in a beautiful liberty of london fabric on sale from pronk.

going down to the laundry room in our building and finding the lights aren't even on, yet. i'm the first one and all alone.

new tradition
i'm old enough to need a routine mammogram each year and each time i get more scared about the results. from now on, after having the test, i'm going to make a donation to susan g. komen for the cure as a thank you.

the new season for mad men starts this sunday. we can't wait!

a really good free itunes single of the week from british artist gary go. according to itunes he 'grew up near wembley stadium listening to music float through his bedroom window." lucky chap!

xo, cindy


chelsea said...

Such a sweet outfit! I love it!! And it's lovely to see your face!!

My name is PJ. said...

Loved the self portrait! I'm not brave enough to do that! And that post layout - it should be weekly because it's that good! I bet you intend it to be more regular. Follow through, girl!! :)

blue moss said...

so fun to see your self portrait :) you are adorable!
love the skirt
and the flower
and your fun style
(and thanks for your sweet comments...they always make me smile)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I love the self portrait...I know it's something I would love to have the courage to do...but...maybe not quite yet.
Going back a post...the Ice Post was for creativity.
I love visiting your blog!

cindy said...

the self-portrait has already been replaced once and counting :)!

SimplyGrove said...

Love the self portrait! You are adorable!!!!!! My vote is more self portraits Cindy!

cindy said...

thank you, dear. it's probably a no-no, but i've replaced the self-portrait three times trying to get better light. this is the best i can do. it looks like me, minus the frown lines i really have. thank you photoshop!

Clementine said...

It's so nice to see your face, Cindy! What a lovely self-portrait :) And an adorable outfit!

mary said...

Why, hello pretty lady! :)

Krissy said...

I love the portrait. You are a beam of happiness my dear :)
Your Komen idea is a fantastic one!

cindy said...

thanks you guys! krissy, i figured that i might not be so diligent without all the awareness the foundation has created.

Michelle Brunner said...

I love your self- portrait! I just love the fabric on your shirt and the fabric flower! Great smile also:)

I am off to check out gary go!

cindy said...

thank you, michelle! the blouse is from pronk and made from liberty of london material. it is a favorite, especially since i got it on sale! here's a link -

Candi said...

It's great to finally put a face on "Aunt Cindy", you look beautiful! I have yet to watch Mad Men, but you're the second person to mention it...I think I better tune in :)

Kelly C. said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! And you *know* I love a high-waisted skirt-- it's ultra chic.
LOVE that flower!


Cindy! You are so beautiful in that outfit!!
Adore all the pleating detail on the sleeves...and the print is so charming & delicious... ps: thanks for sharing the blind date, I feel so hopeful now.


simplesong said...

you are too cute! LOVE, love the flower.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Your self-portrait is beautiful, as is the beautiful fabric flower. Ah, happiness is summer :)

cindy said...

thanks ladies! scott is next ;)!

wild child said...

CINDY, CINDY, CINDY!!!!! Girl, will you look at all these *fabulous* comments!?!? You look absolutely *breathtaking* my friend! Who could possibly be more *adorable* than you!!! From your fabulous skirt and blouse and precious fabric flower - to the setting and lighting - and your peachy skin and trey chic hair do..... what a TREAT to see the lovely girl behind the lovely blog!!! I think this post made my day, week, and month :)

Meg xoxo

aimee said...

oh!! there's the gorgeous girl that takes the gorgeous photos! thanks for peeking out to say hello!

cindy said...

you guys are so nice! but, i must give credit to the following:


and, my best make-up application tools found in photoshop:

burn and dodge
blur and smudge
heal and erase

so painless! happy weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I love your self portrait,and the blouse looks so cute on you!
I'm so excited for Mad Men tonight!

onesilentwinter said...

you are lovely!

sharilyn + lovelydesign said...

wow, you look beautiful! It is really very nice to put a face to a name which has popped up many times in my world, for years now! xo sharilyn

cindy said...

thanks, ladies!

erin said...

love it!!! so very cute.

yasmine said...

lovely lady!

now i know what you look like :)


Pascale said...
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Pascale said...

I love your self-portrait and your happy list!
I've tried the self-portrait thing a couple of times already, but haven't had the courage yet to put it up on my blog... One portrait is just sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be published - if I wait long enough I'll look five years younger, LOL.