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Pink Floral Corsage
Corsage + Birdhouse

we saw bright star this weekend, and except for the first few minutes when scott dozed off which he denies, we both enjoyed it. the love story between john keats and fanny brawne is intense and there were a couple of scenes so beautiful that i just gasped out loud in a very quiet theater - ohhh. but, i was also totally smitten with the hats and clothes. fanny was a seamstress and her designs were full of elaborate ruffles in gorgeous softly muted tones with an occasional red.

if i hadn't already made this corsage, i certainly would have after seeing the movie. i'm already thinking about how i can make one of those amazing hats from paper, but until then, here's what i did for the corsage. it's so easy -
  1. picked up velvet leaves, chrysanthemums and a rose, although you could use any type. these are from from tinsel trading.
  2. bound them together with floral tape so you can't see it in the front.
  3. glued on a pin backing.
  4. wrapped some seam binding through it a few times to keep it secure. tied a knot and a then a bow.
  5. it's a little bit top heavy, so i'll secure it with a corsage pin at the top by the leaves.
the corsage is a bit large for me to wear on a daily basis, so it's more likely to be displayed on a table or in a shadow box. hope you all had a lovely weekend!

xo, cindy

ps a couple of months ago i mentioned the this is home project and shared my submission. well, i didn't win, but my phrase 'home = love' was featured in one of the winning pieces and is available as a post card in their shop where you can see all of finalists. nice!


cindy* said...

i love, love that corsage and i will definitely be seeing bright star. i even wrote it down!

Line said...

this is gorgeous Cindy!

cindy said...

thank you, dear! you will be so inspired by the movie for your wedding! a couple of my favorite scenes are when fanny lies on her bed with the window open while the breeze is blowing in and keats lying on the TOP of a flowering tree. you will see. they're so happy. awesome.

blue moss said...'s just so, so pretty....i love it
and very cool about the home=love

Denise Fasanello said...

ooh I LOVE! I was just thinking about making a trip to Tinsel Trading - one of my favorite shops ever. And I can't wait to see Bright Star. xo

My name is PJ. said...

This is lovely, Cindy...vintage-y and reminiscent of all things English to me.

Congrats on the home=love mention!

Don't forget to stop by and enter the giveaway!

Dawn said...

i am all about love movies! i never heard of this movie, but after watching the trailer i have to see it now! it kind of gave me goosebumps... it seems rather intense.

thanks for sharing :)

L'Atelier said...

love the corsage!
pity you didnt win- but your sentence still got there ;)
i definitely will go and see bright star
and i like the bird on the photo
have a great week

Candi said...

I love the corsage!

Congratulations, that's an honor :)

Thank you for the link to the website! I swear I think I take more pictures of him, than flowers these days :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hmmm...nice project and your corsage came out beautifully!

Elizabeth said...

HI Cindy,
My husband and I went to see Bright Star this past Sunday, in a very quaint old theater in Berkeley, which made it even more special I think. What a beautiful film, and I can't believe I had to hunt it down, as I saw no other theaters showing it for miles!
I would kill for Fanny's shoes!! Not to mention all her clothing!!

Beautiful corsage :)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Absolutely looks SO real!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Absolutely looks SO real!

Joyce said...

A very nice corsage Cindy! xoxo

Megan Walker said...

Cindy my friend - that corsage is absolutely GORGEOUS! My goodness, you are talented and make such beautiful things! So pink and lovely, wow......

Congrats on "Home=Love" too - that's awesome!

Meg xoxo

ambika said...

I'll be adding this to my netflix queue--the previews looked wonderful. & love the corsage.