pics : kiku in film

NYBG : Berries & Koi
berries & koi. this is my favorite.

thank you so much for the amazing comments about our little book! they really mean a lot to us both, but especially me. i spend a lot of time on these projects and your support is very encouraging. special thanks to deb for posting about it and i think she's going to create one, too. totally psyched to see what she does.

so, onto the diptychs for today. after getting my first dslr last year we went to see kiku: the art of the japanese chrysanthemum at the new york botanical garden. it's pretty amazing as chrysanthemum's are cultivated in the most meticulous manner. you can get a better idea of kiku and the wonderful bonsai in our posts from back then.

this year, i wanted to do something different and took our 35mm film camera. the manual controls are really a challenge, but i'm getting better. the photo of the koi above was thanks to scott because he pointed out the fish. i took the photo and had no expectations other than blur. usually, my photos of fish are crummy, but this time i got lucky.

enjoy your weekend, everyone! hope you get lucky.

xo, cindy

NYBG : Bamboo & Chrys.
bamboo hut & shino-tsukuri (driving rain) - each color represents one plant!

NYBG : Chrys. & Cabbage
ogiku (single stem chrysanthemums) & cabbage.

NYBG : Sun & Foliage
fall foliage & the sun.

NYBG : Bonsai Forest & Forest
bonsai forest & big forest.

NYBG : Red Maple
maple tree & leaf.

NYBG : Large Pine Tree & Small
big pine tree & small.

NYBG : Fall Roses
october roses. surprise, surprise this is my other favorite ;).


Krissy said...

they are all lovely- but that fish shot is great!! you sure are one talented woman :)
have a fantastic weekend.

Joyce said...

I think you are going to have a lucky weekend! The koi shot could not get any better. Your photos as always came out beautiful. Enjoy my friend. xoxo

Grace@PoeticHome said...

It's quite interesting how manual cameras have a different feel than the digital ones. Your photos turned out lovely, and I really appreciate the juxtaposition of tiny vs. large. Your koi shot is just stunning!

cindy* said...

goodness, i love your diptychs!

ambika said...

Oh, that 1st with the koi is just breathtaking. Such a great eye.

aimee said...

if you could trademark a color, that sky blue in the first photo would be all yours. it is classic quaint handmade!

Bella Sinclair said...

Holy canoli, Cindy! Those colors! They are so rich. That is one gorgeous diptych. And your book is incredible. You take such amazing photographs, and you and your husband have a great eye for layout. It looks wonderfully crisp and clean and vibrant. Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous book. I cannot say gorgeous enough.

ps. you can never take too many photos of flowers! But I went ga-ga over the photos of your crafts, too!

My name is PJ. said...

Holy Cow! Hard to pick a favorite this time. You get better and better!

L'Atelier said...

the koi is one of a kind! absolutely amazing-
all the photos are beautiful and as usual the way you put all the photos together is genius!
i agree with all the above- a lady of great talent!
happy weekend

Megan Walker said...

Oh Cindy, the koi photo is simply gorgeous! Like velvet!

The fall foliage and maple leaves really stole my heart too. I'm a big fan of all things fall - ah, the colors.

But as usual, I loved them all :)

Meg xoxo

Pascale said...

I love the fish diptych. The colors are so beautiful... An excellent capture! I hope you had a nice weekend...