park : let's play!

Union Square Playground
video : fun boat behind from kings of convenience

the new union square playground is really cool. if you speak into the orange funnel the person across the playground can hear you from the other end. so old-fashioned! the disk above wobbles around if you lie on it, which i didn't do.

Union Square Playground

pretty nice view from underneath the slide i'd say.

Union Square Playground

you can spin and bounce and spiral until you're dizzy. i love the patchwork rubber ground covering, which is soooo cushiony. man, where was that when i was a kid? my poor gravel-embedded knees want to know. enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps happy birthday to michelle. hope it's great!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

VERY cool...have a great weekend Cindy!

painted fish studio said...

thanks for letting me feel like a kid this morning! :)

Line said...

cool I love the view underneath the slide too, and all the shapes and colors are fun!!

happy w-e Cindy!

blue moss said...

love the bright colors!!!
have the best weekend
and thanks for the extra birthday wishes just make me smile

cindy* said...

i love that squishy ground picking tiny bark splinters. i love the view from under the slide, that's where 6-year-old-me would be chillin.

My name is PJ. said...

Your knees and my knees too! And, oh, by the way, my rear end freshly burned from the sun scorched slide!

L'Atelier said...

uuuuuhhh it looks like so much fun!
i wanna play there!

Megan Walker said...

LOL - all you had to say was "gravel-imbedded knees" and I started having flashbacks! LOL! So true....... :) Love all the colors and shapes - how fun to be a kid now!


julie king said...

what fun photos of a super-cool place! i had gravel-embedded knees as a child as well. and our slide always had a mud hole at the bottom. hope you and scott are enjoying a delightful weekend, cindy!

darling savage said...

so fun! i mostly remember coming home with holes in the knees of my tights. like, every day. :)