life : ode to my dentist

Candy & Flowers
video : crooked teeth by death cab for cutie

hi all! i feel like i've been mia this week as it's been blah to put it nicely. there were a few highlights starting out with an inquiry from someone interested in purchasing a butterfly garland and a mention as inspiration in rashida's i love patchwork book for the fabric flowers i made last year.

the photo is dedicated to my dentist. i went to see him on tuesday with what i thought was going to be a simple issue. turns out, he thinks i should have a tooth pulled and was ready to send me right over to the oral surgeon. just like that! it takes me a month to prepare for a haircut! after some tears, i said no way and let's try some meds to see if it will feel better, especially those pretty pink & blue antibiotics. his wife is the office manager and i asked her if she ever had a tooth pulled. she told me yes, 1-2-3-4-5! whoa, she needs a new dentist. can you imagine the conversation if she got one -

dr. h: 'your teeth look different'.
mrs. h: ''i'm sorry, but i've been seeing another dentist. i love you dearly, but couldn't loose one more tooth!"

combined with an extended period of analysis paralysis at work, hormonal tidal waves, rain and who knows what else, i've had no energy. but, i do have energy to enjoy some candy with thoughts of my dentist running through my head. don't those red flowers look like bristles? enjoy your weekend and don't forget to brush!

xo, cindy

ps i missed out on the liberty for target pop-up shop, which sold out in two days. snap!


Line said...

I love that collage hope you a good w-e....!

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, sorry about the tooth :( I just had to put a crown on mine not too long ago.

That is making me nervous that everything is going to sell out quick at Target, when the release L of L on Sunday. I will get there early :) Are you going to check it out on Sunday?

Ann Marie said...

hope your tooth feels better soon!

Megan Walker said...

* first off, thanks so much for your sweet blog comment :)
1) I am thinking your lovely vignettes could become a lovely career.
2) I am so sorry to hear about your 'blah' week - I wish I had known and could have cheered you!
3) doubly sorry for the tooth news (see below)
4) you're kind of in trouble for:
a) not getting it over with
b) not telling us the outcome
5) I'm all for continuing old world chocolate tradition - really I am - but you may just want to check yours for beard hair (I'm just sayin)


cindy said...

thank you, line.

elizabeth, i think 10,000 people visited the shop. i could have gone, but didn't feel up to it as there were lines. by the time i went, it was closed. we're going to stay up late tonight to see if it hits the web, which means we'll be taking a nap this afternoon because we find it hard to stay up past 11 pm ;). you can see a preview from liberty here -

there's also this

be careful when you go!

ann marie, thanks and me too!

meg, thank you! i wish about no. 1 and will keep practicing. i have an appointment scheduled for thursday, but i was hoping it would get better before then. cute about the beards and i'll be careful. the chocolate with the sea salt is so good. would be excellent with ruffles ;).

Dawn said...

you need a big hug! *HUG* if it makes you feel any better, i had some teeth pulled and i have no memory of even driving to the oral surgeon's office!

hmstrjam said...

i'd like to gobble up that mast chocolate! stay cozy and out of this rain! i've decided to make this+this=that an official online course eek!

Jamie said...

Its stories like this that make me put off visits to the dentist.

cindy said...

that's scary dawn and i'll take your hug. they always make me feel so good.

sounds great, jamie!

i know, jamie, but sometimes it's hurten time. charlie has a really good story i'll share, soon.

in another lifetime said...

oh gosh, the dentist. i am very afraid. be brave!!!

aimee said...

please keep us posted on whether you give up the dentist or the tooth! i'm like jamie, i use avoidance tactics...

Joyce said...

Ouch about your tooth. I hope the meds help. Will you be getting a 2nd opinion if it comes to getting your tooth pulled?

Knock on wood this is one part of my body that is in good shape!

Have a good Sunday! xo

darling savage said...

sounds like that dentist is a little wacko. good luck with the tooth!

L'Atelier said...

oh dear, sorry bout your teeth. i hope it will all be well soon- without having to pull it!
i love the collage
and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

lotta said...

Don't let that dentist get you down. Hopefully you are feeling better by now, after a few days of wonder drugs. Happy thoughts going your way.

julie king said...

no, don't do it! don't give into dental pressure and lose a tooth!! hee hee

seriously, sorry to hear you've been having some down days. it must be something in the air there in ny and here in ohio as well.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, totally know where you're coming from regarding your dentist.
LOVE the photo and yes...those flowers are prickly looking but gorgeous...
Thanks for the well wishes regarding my dad...they're much appreciated.

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, so much is going on over there! I think you should continue to enjoy the chocolate, enjoy the bristly flowers and allow yourself some gentleness!


Krissy said...

oh girl, so sorry to hear about your week... hope all is better after the weekend. big hugs for you and your tooth :)

Megan Coyle said...

Oh my goodness, I hope your tooth feels better! The thought of having a tooth pulled freaks me out too :(

Dawn said...

i know, it is scary, but my jaime was there to make sure i was okay. the doc gave me two pills to calm me down and they surely did more than that! seriously though, i don't think i would have ever made it to the clinic if it weren't for those pills because i'm a big chicken when it comes to surgery!

Kathy Frederickson said...

Ask your dentist if there is any other way to save the tooth. Discussing your options is a good idea. Only after you have carefully studied your options can you truly make an informed decision. Do not hesitate to open up any issues or apprehensions that you may have.