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hello, hello! thank you so much for the well wishes regarding my tooth, which is feeling much, much better. i'm going for a second opinion today at scott's insistence. he's off from work all week and taking me. although it's a good thing, he's so distracting to have around the house i'm going to take a blogging break this week to get things in order and practice life styles of the rich and famous ;).

he's been extra nice to me making turkey meatballs & spaghetti, soup, cheerios, meatloaf & mashed potatoes, and easy things to chew. i really appreciate everything he does, but sometimes i don't 'live' the appreciation. i let outside factors get me down and i harp on them, which takes away from the nice things that go on at home. lately, i feel so disappointed in myself for being that way and quite weepy about it. i'm really trying to realign my priorities, which sounds so corporate, but it's usually the corporate stuff that gets in the way.

we'll be moving this computer to our guest room and i'm excited about it. if all goes well, i'll have a new room with a view to read your blogs. i hope you all have a wonderful week!

xo, cindy

ps i forgot to mention that the pretty geraniums were tucked behind a curtain and barely watered this winter. one day, i noticed the blooms and was so happy. i'm sure there's a message in that somewhere.


Pascale said...

Oh, I so totally understand what you mean as to prioritizing and being more appreciative - it's something I definitely need to work on - "live in the moment and forget about the rest" is what I need to bear in mind more often.
You'll feel so much better, though, once that tooth is taken care of. So, don't worry too much about it!

Pascale said...

... Oh, and enjoy your little break!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Have a lovely break...but don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY...I think you'll like it.
Pleased to hear your tooth feels better.

Simply Grove said...

So glad that you are doing better!! Have A NICE BREAK! XX

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cindy ,
I know how you feel! My husband has been the perfect nurse, cook, housekeeper, and instead of resting and letting things go, I'm sitting here mad, sad, and wondering when I'm going to feelore up beat. I'm a horrible patient,and I did the same thing not too long ago when I had to have a crown on my tooth! So you can imagine how I am right now!
Take a rest, recharge your batteries, and you will feel better soon.
Hugs ,

p.s. Aren't geraniums wonderful?!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Oh Cindy, I do hope your tooth feels better! I have a lot of catching up to do through your posts since the baby birth, and I'm looking forward to indulging once again in your photos.

I totally relate with your post. My husband has been super helpful with cooking, dishes, and running all the errands -- yet I still find myself grumpy at him sometimes. Eek!

Have a wonderful week off a la the rich and famous! :)

aimee said...

cheerios! he makes cheerios? i love it. those are just the things to have on hand when little toothies aren't feeling well - they're easy to eat. best of luck with your tooth and enjoy your new room!

Krissy said...

have a good week my dear! enjoy the office move :)

Lila said...

Oh, I'm the same way. It's way easy for me to get distracted in work and overlook the good things someone has done for me!
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Joyce said...

Have a wonderful week with your love. I do hope your visit at this dentist gives you better news. Enjoy my friend! xo

courtney said...

ohhh - i TOTALLY understand that weepy feeling! i'm sure he understands that you appreciate it - outside factors *do* tend to get in the way but it's so so helpful when you have a supportive partner who gets you. really deep down gets you.

enjoy your break - taking some time to realign is so valuable and anyways, who cares if it sounds corporate?

cindy said...

between you and me, scott is kind of wearing me out with all of his care-giving. when i get home he's done so much with his day he tells me everything. i know what i'm like, now.

i won't complain because he buttered my bread for our corned beef dinner tonight like i was a little kid. i did request one hour of quiet time and i think he set the kitchen timer to keep track ;)!

oh, i do have to get my tooth pulled on monday. the dentist says it should come out lickety split. to me, it's not the worst part. a dental implant with a possible sinus lift months later sound pretty awful and very expensive. but, scott says i'm young and shouldn't go with missing teeth. pray for me!

simplesong said...

have a great break!

Vana said...

glad to read you're doing better Cindy. Enjoy your little break!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh dear. I hope your second opinion is a good one. Glad it's feeling better, though. So it's Scott's turn to nurse you, and it sounds like he is doing quite a stellar job.

Awwww, please don't be weepy. It's the tooth talking, not you.

You know, I used to not care too much for geraniums. But they are so hardy and loyal and vivid. I really love them now!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

reading everything backwards cindy--what a year so far. i think everyone i know is feeling just about the same--sometimes any little thing along with the change of seasons can make you rethink the way you've been doing things. i've been taking a little time out too. so much so it's hard to get back to work ;)
glad your tooth is feeling better and scott is taking good care of you--enjoy the gorgeous weather most of all!
oxox, deb

Dawn said...


Bri said...

There is almost nothing in life better than a room with a view!

L'Atelier said...

hope you feeling better- all around!

and i get where you coming from... space is sometimes nessecary
sorry to hear bout your tooth, but i agree with scott, get the implant, as horrifing as it sounds it will save and protect all your good teeth :):)
hugs & kisses
(enjoy the geraniums )

Megan Walker said...

Oh dear - I'm late as usual... Life got in the way for me this week too!

I'm sorry to hear about the continuing saga of your tooth Cindy - especially the update that you must have it pulled :( Please don't feel bad that you're weepy and sad - mouth pain is some of the worst pain our bodies can feel because it's just so intense! You are being a trooper! And bless that sweet husband of yours - what a gem (if even a little too motherly at times, which I think is so cute)!!!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow my friend! xoxo

in another lifetime said...

I hope all went well at the dentist/oral surgeon today!!! My husband just had 5 teeth pulled if you can believe it (4 wisdom teeth, and one other that he broke). It actually only took him one day to recover, so hopefully you will be feeling better in no time at all! Good luck!, and enjoy the extra TLC from is probably making him very happy to take care of you:)


I'm glad you feel better Cindy!
Pain is my worst enemy...
all the best!

please sir said...

I am sorry about your teeth and I hope everything works out. I understand that desire to appreciate the "now" including everyone and everything. I think by acknowledging that in your are self aware and appreciate all the good things happening. It is important to cherish these moments...but also to live them as well. Such a hard balance I think we strive for each day. Lovely post...good luck.

cindy said...

i survived, but i've never felt so afraid. frightened, really.

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