garden : springtime blooms, deux

Pinkish Tulips
video : i am a girl by brooke white
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bring me the sunset in a cup
- emily dickinson

hello, hello! although the sun is shining today, it's been so cold and rainy, lately. did we skip spring & summer? i just hope these blooms from the new york botanical garden aren't the last we see this year ;). enjoy your day!

xo, cindy

lilacs and something else. i don't always stop to read the plant names, but might have to change that in the future.

Auricula Theater
this display for the incredible auriculas was designed by the dowager marchioness of salisbury (lady salisbury) of hatfield house fame. for some reason, i'm suddenly reminded of lady campanula tottington from the wonderful animated movie the curse of the were-rabbit.

White Tulips
white tulips in two places.

Children's Garden
the children's adventure garden is so cute and great for big kids, too. there are always group meetings from concerned parents when kids get in here - no running, no knocking people down, no yelling - oy!

Orange Tulips
ok, babies are cute even from the backside, so are orange tulips from any side.


Line said...

don't worry in Canada we also have cold wheater I'm sure you will get more flowers shots, these are lovely! Can you imagine I will get my Pentax back next week it's been a while!!!!!

happy w-e!

Krissy said...

We've had storms all week too! At least it saves me from watering the garden :)

Great shots- I love the were-rabbit reference!!!

Anonymous said...

love that dickinson quote. lovely.

xo Alison vie said...

Such lovely, dreamy pics of my favorite! It makes me wish we were in a better environment, because although it's been in the 90's, the consistent 50 mph winds have pretty much removed any sign of colorful petals.

Bella Sinclair said...

Dowager marchioness of salisbury! I want a title like that.

Actually, her display really wowed me. Looks like a whimsical stage recital by the class of auriculas.

Beautiful gardens. Our friends were married there many years ago. It's nice to revisit through your photos.

painted fish studio said...

thank you for the color and reassurance that it's sunny and beautiful somewhere!

Jamie said...

I love those tulips!

Julia said...

Oh, so many beauties :) These are a definite pick-me-up!

Joyce said...

Cindy your photos are just want I needed this morning- simply beautiful! I love the quote too.
I think the sun is trying his hardest to shine this morining. We have had so much rain thunders all week that streets have flooded and water finally made its way to the basement. G was gone this week on business trip so I had to call a friend at 6am yesterday.
Many hugs and thank you for the ray of sunshine you start my days off with! Enjoy your golden weekend Cindy!! xo

blue moss said...

cindy....thanks for your sweet comments. i just showed my daughter your fabulous blog and photos and it totally made her day that you liked her photos :)
it's back to bologna for lunch for us, too.
happy weekend

My name is PJ. said...

Gorgeous shots, Cindy! That window display is beyond excellent!