trip : beach towns

concert : james maddock live on npr. i love the first song, chance.

hello, hello! last weekend we went to the beach to celebrate scott's birthday (yes, i'm mentioning it again because he loves when people wish him a happy birthday here and maybe everyone didn't see it friday ;). it was so cold and windy, but the sun did shine on and on. next up, flowers - you knew it. have a good week!

xo, cindy

Drinks & Shoes
i don't think our beverage choices or sneaker-styles indicate we're compatible. we do like khaki pants though, so that's one thing we have in common :).

this might be morbid, but the home sweet home museum is the place i'd like my ashes scattered when i die, if it's ok. if not, scott will have to be ninja-like even if he's old & gray and has to use a walker. can you imagine?

vintage clocks in madewell and sports gear in a shop in bridgehampton (unfortunately, i can't remember the name) mix with interesting modern sculptures.

the 'thing' car by volkswagen was so cool.

Warning Signs
warning signs - no lifeguard and electrified fence, which is where the horses were the day before. if it's to keep people out i guess it's ok; if it's to keep the horses in then probably not.


Jamie said...

I've always wanted one of those cars! So cool and perfect for a life near the beach.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I adore the foot prints~LOVEliness Cindy!

My name is PJ. said...

These are some of your best, Cindy.

The sky goes on forever in that first one.

My drink is the one on the right.

Love the BIG blue egg and the wisteria too!

Line said...

what a sweet weekend, I love these pics I bet that Scott's drink is on the right is it?

cindy said...

it is pretty there! no line, that's mine!

Krissy said...

love that last shot! who doesn't enjoy a fun vee-dub?

erin said...

i love the shots of drinks and sneaks. and happy, happy birthday to scott! xo.

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy birthday, Scott! Happy Birthday!

Ooh, that looks like a very beautiful final resting place. No one ever suspects little old men with walkers. He'll do a fine job as ninja. :)

That first beach photo is phenomenal! Wow, the water just glistens and the sky! The sky actually looks like an endless ceiling, isn't it amazing?!

cindy said...

it is amazing, which makes it all the worse when it's covered in oil - oy!

Candi said...

Happy belated birthday, Scott. Lucy wants to thank you both for her get well wishes!

Gorgeous images (per usual) :)

jane said...

everything looks so bright and sunny. wish scott a happy birthday from me:) and a big hug hello to you cindy!

darling savage said...

yay for khaki pants! and happy birthday to scott! :)

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh I can smell the sea air in the first picture. Happiest of Birthdays Scott!!

julie king said...

i have a hankering to go to a beach town so your photos are hitting the spot with me. and, now i'm yearning for a root beer float. hee hee

lovely photos as always, sweet friend!

cindy* said...

i love the beach...can't wait for summer to come!

and...happy birthday scott!

Bri said...

I mean, all of those pictures are gorgeous, but that first one made me SO JEALOUS!