life : sunnyside up, deux

Sunnyside Gardens
song: you're gonna make me lonesome by shawn colvin.

hello, hello! springtime is the best time to me because nature does the heavy lifting. a lot of the work is done in the fall and everything starts a new as shown in this second set of pics from sunnyside gardens. we visited the emily dickinson-inspired garden at the new york botanical garden this weekend, so you know what that means - photos! but, my schedule is top heavy this week and that type of fun will have to wait a few days. see you later in the week. hope yours gets off to a great start and i do mean GREAT!

xo, cindy

ps thanks to willis carrier for inventing the air conditioner because this weekend was hot, hot. i'm glad ours started!

Sunnyside Gardens
i could be very happy with that pint-sized patio.

Sunnyside Gardens
or this patio.

Sunnyside Gardens
i've never seen a curved fire escape.


Anonymous said...

that fire escape is so cool! fabulous photos.

xo Alison

Line said...

beautiful diptychs, oooh I miss N-Y, I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

aimee said...

nature may do the heavy lifting, but you have the eye for just the right arrangement! happy week to you cindy!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you are experiencing springtime at its fullest. Beautiful shots! We have been pretty wet here in the Bay Area, and this was the first weekend that it was truly spring and sunny out.

L'Atelier said...

Beautiful! loving spring round your side of the world, as usual your eye for details, beauty and compositions is mind blowing!

Candi said...

Gorgeous patios and flowers! Love them all, especially the last one in the right hand corner!

Rachel Follett said...

Your images are so dreamy and beautiful!

Megan Walker said...

Love the song, LOVE the mosaics, love willis carrier because I could not survive w/o air conditioning, and... you know I love you too! xoxo

Have an awesome week!

P.S. my nose is "showing improvement"
P.P.S. I forgot to tell you I've been watching "9 By Design"!

Jamie said...

Your photos make me LOVE summer - and after a VERY rainy weekend - I needed a bit of sunshine.

Joyce said...

Oh Cindy these photos are so singing spring!! xo

Julia said...

A pint sized patio :) What a genius idea! Hang in there this week--I'll be thinking of you!

Bella Sinclair said...

I'm so happy you take us on these garden tours. Because of this, my week IS getting off to a great start. :)