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Helen's Shoes

hello, hello! thank you all so much for the nice words about our new bathroom and i won't mention it, again ;). charlie has been feeling a little bit under the weather lately, so we've been spending more time at his place where he continues to find the most wonderful things, including helen's baby shoes from the 1920s. aren't they incredible?

it's still pretty hot around here and a couple of movies are on tap. last weekend, we saw despicable me and loved it. this weekend, we hope to see inception (so cool) and maybe i am love (oh italia!) after seeing abby's mention on twitter.

enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy


Elizabeth said...

OOOO those shoes!! So adorable :)

We are going to see inception this weekend too! It looks visually amazing.

Line said...

I love them Cindy!!!

cindy* said...

those shoes are such a treasure!

we saw despicable me last night...loved it!

painted fish studio said...

happy weekend! i hope to get out east soon, i want to learn more about charlie over lunch.

blue moss said...

love those little shoes!!
i actually was just going to ask you how charlie was....was thinking of him today. i'm so sorry he isn't feeling glad that he has you 2.
i was soooooo excited to get your comment this morning. i was thinking exactly the same thing, but was being shy :)
we will be in nyc the thurs - monday of labor day weekend. i know that 2 days are devoted to tennis....but would love love to meet one of the other days.
i'm just so excited

OneCraftyFox said...

I'm taking my niece to see Despicable Me tonight :)

Happy weekend!!

aimee said...

PRECIOUS. things were so beautifully made back then. what a lovely memory!

Jamie said...

Those shoes are incredible, what a beautiful memento

Krissy said...

the shoes are so dear! i love them :)
what'd you think of inception? we are heading to see it wednesday!

Megan Walker said...

Helen's baby shoes are just precious :) I hope sweet Charlie feels better soon. My Davy saw I Am Love and said he really liked it but it's one of those that you'll have to think about and digest for a while. I am looking forward to Despicable Me :)

Hugs & Kisses Cindy xoxoxoxo

cindy said...

jen & michelle - sounds great!

we saw both movies and liked them both. they're very different and very intense. oh, the angst!

L'Atelier said...

the shoes are just too precious!
enjoy the movies!!

Pascale said...

Oh my goodness! They look so sweet and comfortable! What a nice discovery!

Joyce said...

I hope Charlie is doing better.

I love the shoes. They are in perfect condition. A senior gal down the street from us has her mother's baby shoes. Since she and her sisters all want the shoes, they decided years ago to pass the shoes around to each sister. It stays with a sister untils someone perks up to say "hey who has mom's shoes". xo