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The Beach

hello, hello! well, it wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach at least once and the jersey shore has some lovely ones. i grew up in new jersey and we always said we're going down the shore. in new york, we say we're going to the beach. i'm not sure of the difference, but they both share the same beautiful atlantic ocean. these pics were taken in new jersey from long branch to sandy hook where you can actually see the new york city skyline it's so close.

starting next week, i'm going to participate in line's silence on tourne series and susannah conway also has a series called august break. the objective of each is to post images that speak for themselves with very few words. i've always wanted to write shorter posts and now we'll see if i can, although there will be a few exceptions. enjoy your weekend, everyone!

xo, cindy

ps last week, the photo of our thread holder was featured on shutter sisters and it was thrilling!

 The Race
there was some sort of race going on here. they're on surf boards, but all i saw was a lot of paddling. so, we watched endless summer 2, which is a favorite surfing movie because of its whimsy. i can even just listen to it.

Italian Ices
i love italian ices and this booth looks so old-fashioned and sweet.

The Beach
fort hancock at sandy hook was operational as a military base from 1895-1974 providing coastal defense for new york harbor. the yellow houses were for the enlisted men and so charming, although a bit dilapidated. the tunnel was a former gun battery and full of mosquitoes (i'm still itchy) and that's the oldest continuously operated lighthouse in the us. i found the nesting shells as is on the beach and felt lucky because we don't find shells like we used to.

ahhh fishing, so calming and tranquil for somebody else that is. i would be bored to tears, but love all the gear in a tackle box.

summer would not be complete without a sunset, which i still don't have, but i do have some shadows!


My name is PJ. said...

I love all the blues cindy!

Line said...

what can I say I love them all, I can't wait to your silence on tourne!!

have a great we!!

painted fish studio said...

i feel like i'm at the beach right this minute... your photos are sublime!

congrats on the shutter sisters nod!

Michelle Brunner said...

I agree, your pictures are great and I feel like I am actually at the shore! Love the shadow shot picture)

Persis Shah said...

these pics are so awesome! i can almost smell the salty breeze here!

have a lovely weekend!


and flowers pick themselves said...

have a fantastic time, cindy! i will be living vicariously through you.


xo Alison

Elizabeth said...

Our coast line here in San Francisco is so cold and windy, that there is no way to have a fun like a true summer fun time beach. It was fun to go to the beach virtually with you :) I have been to the Jersey shore once though :)

please sir said...

Sounds so great! I can't wait to see the results of your classes too - very exciting! Sorry I've been so out the loop recently. My work has blocked blogging sites - the horror right?! I'm slowly trying to catch up with my favs!

Candi said...

GORGEOUS Photos (per usual). CONGRATULATIONS on being featured on Shutter Sisters! That's huge :) So happy for you my talented friend!