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Bungalow Hotel

hello, hello! last week we visited the jersey shore for a couple of days looking for snooki & the situation. just kidding about the last part as we're not fans of the jersey shore show, but we did go to long branch and it was very nice. almost antiseptic as they seem to have flattened a good part of the town and put up pristine condos and a shopping/dining mall, which kind of made me sad as i spent many summers growing up down the shore and missed the old-time shops. but, i suppose it is better to renew rather than let the town just fade away.

other than the nice beaches & boardwalk, one of the highlights was the bungalow hotel and if you've watched the show 9 by design you're familiar with this very cool (new) boutique hotel. first up, some pics of the hotel and then the beach later in the week. hope you all are well!

xo, cindy

ps staying in this hotel business is getting expensive. the last time with the reno we fell in love with the fiberfill pillows and scott was able to sleep on his back without snoring. this time, the bed was so comfortable i woke up without the aches and pains i often get from our own ultra-firm bed, so a new one is on the way. kind of gives the concept of 'souvenirs' a whole new meaning ;)!

Bungalow Hotel
love that upside down patio umbrella and the outdoor fireplace. they also used wallpaper in a unique way in the hallways by putting it on every other wall.

Bungalow Hotel
the beatiful ann carrington pearly queen of bow piece is made entirely from thousands of shell buttons.

Bungalow Hotel
the rooms are modern, but have a surf lodge feel. among other things, each one has its own ann carrington flag over the bed, a fireplace you can turn on with a switch and chalkboard & bulletin boards opposite the mirrors in an open bathroom, which takes some getting used to. in fact, we never got used to it.

Le Club
for an extra fee ($25 @ per day), we had access to le club located on the beach with a restaurant, cabanas and a saltwater pool on the third floor over-looking the ocean, but it was too glamorous for us to go to more than once.


Krissy said...

Looks like a fun place! I just love boutique hotels!!

Elizabeth said...

Cindy, that place is wonderful! What a nice time you must have had. I too love stealing ideas from cool hotels and inns.
We just bought a new bed earlier this year, and man what a nice difference it has made in waking up! Most people think that and ultra firm or firm for that matter is the way to go, but the mattress people told be that it really isn't a good thing for your body. We bought an "Aireloom" bed. They are hand made wonderfulness!!! They are a division of "Kluft" which makes ultra fancy beds that cost up to 33,000 dollars. I love our bed, so if you are shopping, check those out.

Line said...

that black and white decor is very 80's what a great place for a vacation!!!
I love these pics, I can't wait to go on vacation!!

cindy said...

i love them too krissy!
elizabeth - i made that very mistake and have been paying for it ever since. even a memory foam topper doesn't do much to help. after sleeping in the other bed, i just wasn't going to make do anymore. and, oh my goodness, that aireloom bed looks luxurious. wow, the regular price of the upper end version costs more than our new bathroom ;).
line - i know what you mean, but you live in a vacation spot in my eyes :).

Indie.Tea said...

Those are some lovely interiors. And the exterior with the hedge of purple-fuchsia flowers is lovely too.
Fiberfill pillows...I'll have to look into those.

cindy said...

the pillows were really inexpensive and super-soft -

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

It looks crazy fun! Always nice to take an adventure like that.

Michelle Brunner said...

I want to go there! Lovely pictures! I love that pearly queen also:)

and flowers pick themselves said...

so many wonderful spaces! great post, dear!

xo Alison

OneCraftyFox said...

Sounds like you had a good time, hope your renos are completed soon!

Isn't it ironic how you always hear firm mattresses are best for you? I wake up with a sore back after sleeping on one too.

blue moss said...

ohhhh...thanks so much for sharing your vacation!!! i love, love love the pictures...
the bathroom comment made me laugh...i remember when we were watching them pitch the open bathroom on the show...and it sounded so cool and great...but actually using it sounded....well, like i wouldn't get used to it

Denise said...

swanky! I love that hanging lamp xo

cindy said...

i think we're too shy for the open bathroom, but it was nice to be able to see the tv while brushing my teeth without worrying about dripping toothpaste on the floor!

knack said...

i loved seeing your pictures of this hotel! i really enjoyed the show...and thought this hotel was amazing! hope to get to see it in person soon!