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Staten Island Ferry
thinking this photo of the staten island ferry looks familiar, you're right. i jumped the gun and included it in my orange post, but it's my favorite, so please forgive me.

Staten Island Ferry
i wonder if these two planned on coordinating their shirts? i waited for everyone to clear the deck on the ferry for the second shot.

the southern tip of manhattan from the staten island ferry, which is free and a lot of fun. for the best views of the statue of liberty, stay on the starboard (right) side of the stern (back) going to staten island, port (left) side of the bow (front) on the return trip.

The Sphere
the sphere by fritz koenig survived the attack on the world trade center and is on display in battery park.

these three weren't together, but they should have been.

The Elevated Acre
take the escalator up two flights and you'll find the elevated acre.

The Elevated Acre
i missed the best shot of the brooklyn bridge because some-body (scott) was pointing at the heliport, which is really loud by the way. no problem, this is a very cool garden and i'll go back.

good luck to everyone in the nyc marathon tomorrow - go runners go! my brother was in the race about 9 times or was it 11? something crazy! happy weekend!

xo, cindy

ps the video today is from the girls with glasses show and features their tour of nyc set to the classic song downtown by petula clark.


Pascale said...

I so much enjoy your NYC photos - always. NYC is high on my list of places I'd like to go to... Thanks for showing us your NYC!

Jamie said...

I love your NYC photos! You always make the city look so beautiful.

Erika Lee Sears said...

HAHA Lovely pictures.. It's always funny when you see people wearing practically the same shirt. I always think I must have not got the memo. :)

Happy Weekend! Is NYC starting to get decked out for holidays?


blue moss said...

oh i love that pic of the glad you included it again.
the ferry was certainly one of my kid's favorite things that we did in nyc and i love your images of it....especially the matchy match shirts :)
and....the dog and couple just made me laugh
thanks for all the nyc...

Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful shots! New Yorkers are resilient. Looks like you had amazing weather.

Have a great weekend!

Bridget said...

love these shots... and nyc!

aimee said...

You can post that orange ferry as often as you want and I will not squawk! I love it!

Christine Clemmensen from Denmark has done a gorgeous series of New York posts from her recent trip - if you haven't seen them, I think you'd enjoy her pictures! Plus she's a delight!

and flowers pick themselves said...

the light in these is splendid. great collection!

xo Alison

Megan Walker said...

I don't mind seeing your SI ferry pic twice - I love it! And the one you took after everyone cleared the deck is AWESOME! Love that one too! Hope you're having a great weekend Cindy :)

Line said...

Great pics great memories for me Cindy I love N-Y!!!

Line said...

cool video I love Petula!!

tammy said...

we were so happy to visit nyc this summer and the staten island ferry was one of my favorite things. so fun. great pictures.

L'Atelier said...

such beautiful photos, i really really wish i could visit right now- you could get the best shot of the brooklyng bridge then ;)
you made me laugh so much about the coordinating t's and the poodle
sigh, i wish i were there!

cindy said...

i'm relieved you don't mind when i'm redundant!