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hello, hello! we recently saw the wonderful movie made in dagenham about the 1968 strike at the ford plant in the uk staring sally hawkins (love her!). with a singular goal for equal pay, 187 women sewing machinists walked out ultimately bringing all ford manufacturing in the country to a standstill (40,000 employees) and leading the equal pay act 1970. the movie is very similar to the terrific norma rae and a great example of what can be accomplished with some grit & moxie.

i'm thankful for the women before us who have paved the way for new opportunities & fairness. see you saturday and enjoy your thanksgiving to all who celebrate. we're always thankful you visit our little corner of the woods.

xo, cindy

ps the photos were taken in the soho shabby chic store - i love the inspiration board. rachell ashwell's company (another brit) had some financial woes last year, but worked them out and is thankfully back in the game. more store pics here, including some flirty prom dresses.


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You're right...we should be VERY thankful!
Sounds like a great movie.
Thanks for your kind words Cindy...they are very much appreciated.
Love visiting your world here...always SO pretty. GREAT inspiration to check out the dresses!

Krissy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you dear. Enjoy the holiday with your family!

ps- I love the look of that store!!!

Julia said...

Those images are fabulous! I love the strong angles in the them. I hadn't heard of that movie! The whole situation makes you made and then proud at the same time--you know?

Joyce said...

Beautiful! Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xo

Bella Sinclair said...

I should like to live in that store.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! May it be warm and delicious with just the right spices in all the right places. I am definitely thankful for you and all the beauty you bring us with your lens and love.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Happy THanksgiving :)

Love the shabby chic place!

I am thankful for all the people who have done the things that I could not or that I don't have the courage to do.

suzanne cabrera said...

Hi Cindy---

I was able to visit this store last time I was in New York...and it was SO inspiring! Just like your blog!

Thanks for all your kind words today!

lotta said...

yeah fo women power. thank you for being here with your wit and inspirations.

Candi said...

I couldn't agree more! God bless the women before us who paved the way!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

PS Love these pics

Pascale said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy!
I like the new lay-out of your blog, by the way! I'm really curious to find out what you're up to on the other blog...

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cindy!

That movie sounds great, I'll add it to my must see list.

Michelle Brunner said...

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Cindy! Love the shabby chic photos! Gorgeous!

and flowers pick themselves said...

i saw a preview for that film. glad to hear your liked it.

hope you had a great holiday!

xo Alison