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hello, hello! i thought we lived in nyc, but it feels more like alaska. it seems to snow everyday and although very pretty it's becoming a bit much. we've had seven snowstorms already this winter and it's only january - oy! last night there was thunder and lightening. today, i'm going with charlie for his first radiation treatment and we would both much rather hop on a couple of bicycles like e.t. and escape from all of it. wish us luck!

xo, cindy

ps i learned about fitz and the tantrums from krissy and totally love their old school r&b sound.


Joyce said...

I can't believe how much snow NY is getting. Unbelieveable. Good luck today with Charlie. Sending you BIG hugs... xo

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

They keep talking about the east coast on our news- it must be something! Hope you stay warm and good luck with Charlie today.

(do a little dancin to money grabber!)

jane said...

these shots are magical. and good luck with charlie.

blue moss said...

both of those images are so vintage and fun looking!
saying prayers for charlie!

Elizabeth said...

Best wishes for Charlie :)

I feel so sorry for you guys and all that snow. I'm watching the Today show right now, and seeing all the snow in NYC looks picturesque, but oh how cold it must be. I went to NYC around Thanksgiving one year, and even without snow, it was way too cold for this California girl.
I hope if slows down for you guys. Here we are having unusually warm weather in the high 60's with some places reaching 70. It always seems to do that here though, in late early Feb. Then we get more rain.
Keep warm my friend!

Jamie said...

Good luck to Charlie!

Your photos make it look lovely - but I'm sure you are very tired of the snow.

We Blog Artists said...

Cindy, wishing you all the luck with the treatment and Charlie today...
snowy HUGS from up here in Canada too!

Bella Sinclair said...

My my my. You guys are getting pounded this winter. Someone needs to make a t-shirt that says, "I survived the winter of 2010-11."

Good luck with the radiation treatment today. Hugs and kisses to you and Charlie!

Erika Lee Sears said...

Lots of luck and warm thoughts your way. :)

Have you ever been to Alaska? I have been there once and I still remember the horrible airplane landing.. Bounced down the runway in the ice and snow. :)

L'Atelier said...

hope the treament went well
and if you manage to get your hands on et bikes, let me know i want one too!