nyc | snow day

Upper East Side
upper east side in the morning.

Upper East Side
scott had a routine doctor's appointment, so i wandered around for a bit and noticed people were really getting to the shoveling early in this neighborhood.

High Line
then the high line, which is the meatpacking district.

High Line
one more from the high line just before lunch in nearby chelsea market and these metal chairs would look awesome wrapped in yarn like jen did here.

Bedford Street
followed by the west village in the early afternoon, which involved endless wandering around because i thought partners & spade was just around the next corner (it wasn't) making another case for one us getting a smart phone (me).

over to soho and isn't that coat with the brass buttons down the back so cool? they actually go all the way down, but some were open. love that patchwork bag, too. wish i could have called 'freeze' to get a cleaner shot like the sartorialist. have you seen his wonderful video?

finally, back to queens just in time for an afternoon nap that lasted almost 2 hours! after days like this we think we're old, but that's a lot of ground to cover in one day, especially since it started out snowy and remained cold.

xo, cindy

ps i recently learned about the dodos on chance and like them quite a bit. i really love the song fables, so summery on these cold days.


painted fish studio said...

snow days in new york are so beautiful and magical! and everyone is still so stylish. here, we look like the michelin man with our overstuffed jackets... the high line shots take me back to last may!

Michelle Brunner said...

As much as I want it to be warm now I still LOVE the look of fresh snow on the ground! It makes everything look beautiful and as someone once said to me, "It makes your yard look just as good as the neighbors!" Hope you are enjoying your snow day...we are supposed to get more snow as well here in Ohio.

I will have to check out the Dodos...I am always looking for new music!

Joyce said...

I enjoyed the walk and taking in the view with you today. It is fun how you documented a normal day surrounded by so much beauty.
Also thanks I never heard of his blog. I loved the video too! xo

Krissy said...

It's gorgeous!! We have about a foot of snow in the STL this morning and it's still coming.

Your upper east side pic is perfection!

blue moss said...

thanks for sharing your day!! the highline takes me right back to our visit!!

and i do love that coat

blue moss said...

and how great is that yarn chair?

Erika Lee Sears said...

You guys are still piled high with snow. :) Looks like a winter wonderland. It's awesome how stylish they are in the freezing cold tundra!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Yes, the video is so inspiring!
I like the part when the lady did not recognize who he is...ha!


cindy said...

we've had snow every week and it's only january!

that coat is fierce, but he probably freezes his ass off wearing it. most of us look like michelin men and all that padding makes the subway a little bit more tolerable when you're packed in like sardines like i was yesterday.

i love the girl in the video with the hat and her attitude towards him at first. his shots look fabulous in the end!

Jamie said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You seem to have gotten photos at the perfect moment - when it is cleaned up enough you can get around but before it starts getting all gray and slushy.

Megan Walker said...

Gadzooks! So beautiful and so f-f-freezing! Love it! Okay, this is silly, but the 2ond to last pic got me all excited because a woman in it has my exact leather patchwork purse - my very most favorite purse! LOL! :D

Elizabeth said...

The first photo looks like a painting! Wow, it sure looks super cold over your way. I have been watching the news, and seeing how you guys are getting the snow blast. Over here you could swear it is already spring, with very mild temps of upper 60's.

rachel said...

wow, everything's so beautiful! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Bella Sinclair said...

I am listening to the soothing voice of the DoDo man, and I love it! What a great band!

Uptown, downtown, all goodness, that WAS a lot of ground to cover! Nice to see the upper east side. I used to live in that neighborhood. So beautiful, all that snow. I wonder if those buttons are comfortable when the man sits down....