nyc | brooklyn to manhattan

War Memorial
brooklyn war memorial dedicated to americans who served in world war II.
this is actually two photos combined into one.

hello, hello! before attending a workshop in a part of brooklyn that was new to me, scott and i took a ride on the subway to make sure i knew where to go. afterwards, we saw signs for the brooklyn bridge and headed that way.

Brooklyn Bridge
it was really cold to be walking anywhere let alone over the brooklyn bridge, but it's really cool (no pun intended) and was pretty crowded. it's about one mile in either direction.

i don't know how this artist was able to feel his hands let alone create a drawing.

Brooklyn Bridge
another view of the bridge, which is really beautiful even on a gray day.

Revolution Starts Here
yes it does, just steps from city hall.

City Hall
city hall park in manhattan.

Black Squirrel
greeted by the welcoming committee dressed in black, of course.

after that walk, the alternative methods of transportation were welcoming, but we opted for the subway and headed over to soho. as for today, it's snowing AGAIN so gray skies are not going to clear up, but i'll put on a happy face, anyway. snow is pretty. :)!

xo, cindy


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Cindy! I heard it's beyond cold in NY... Hope you stay warm. I too do dry runs before going somewhere- that made me smile, as did your awesome photos of the bridge!

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh, how i adore all these shots! i'm suddenly craving a weekend in NYC. i haven't been in over ten years. :(

have a wonderful day!

xo Alison

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are gorgeous Cindy....I love these shots of NYC & the bridge. And how much do I love the grey pics in your header? TONS! :) Have a good one, despite the pretty snow!

Jamie said...

Even though I've never seen it, I've always loved the Brooklyn Bridge - it is so beautiful

Joyce said...

I like the shades of grey and the lines in your photos. I can't believe how dark the little squirrel is- I hope you don't get anymore snow. xo

Pascale said...

WOW! Those photographs are outstanding!! You know how I like strong lines, so I guess it won't surprise you that my favorites are n°2 and n°4! Absolutely stunning!!

painted fish studio said...

will you walk over the bridge with me in may when it's sunny and warm?

Bella Sinclair said...

Brrrrrr is right! But what great perspectives on that bridge. And the skyline is great, too! Fantastic photos. I really love that Revolution Starts Here sticker.

Now. Go have some hot cocoa!

Erika Lee Sears said...

It looks like you had quite an adventure! It's funny when you go the Brooklyn bridge- and snap pictures- its so hard to take a bad picture. :)

L'Atelier said...

that was a great walk especially since i did not feel the cold at all...
great photos, Cindy

Megan Walker said...

Beautiful shots Cindy (and can I just say BRRR!) - I particularly love the 4th one down... the close-up of the bridge top with all it's intricacies and the flag. That's a favorite of mine :)

Stay warm!


blue moss said...

love your photos from your walk...
would love to walk the bridge...but possible in summer :)
hope it warms up soon

and hope its a fun workshop....and that you tell us all about it

Gloria said...

one of my favorite things to do is walk across the BK bridge (although usually when it's a bit warmer out) - these photos are lovely!