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Yellow & Blue

we'll be celebrating thanksgiving here in the us tomorrow and the holiday makes us think about what's good in our lives. even though there's a tendency to harp on the bad stuff, in many ways it's the small gestures of kindness that make it all worth it.

take my email inbox for instance. i have a folder containing all of the blog comments we've received over the years and as of today it has over 8,900 emails. wow, that's a lot of nice notes of encouragement about us, charlie, someplace we went, or whatever was up that day. it's pretty awesome, so thank you for being awesome and making us feel that way, too.

have a lovely holiday if you celebrate and a good weekend!

xo, cindy

ps isn't that birdhouse the coolest? it's about 20' high in gramercy park, which is a private park except for those of us looking over the fence and the birds.


chelsea said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy! So glad we got to hang out this year:)

L'Atelier said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have never celebrated Thanksgiving- but love the idea of giving thanks and being aware of the blessings in ones life!
Hope you have a wonderful day

Bella Sinclair said...

Fancy and gorgeous birdhouse! Good thing birdies don't do Occupy protests.

I am thankful for you and the beauty you bring me of your world. Hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving!

fifth floor apartment said...

i was just talking to my friends to other night about the wondrous world of blogging. i have such a crush on all the lovely people i've met through blogging, including you!

have a beautiful day!

xo Alison

aimee said...

i hope you had a wonderful day, cindy! so thankful to have met you this past week!

blue moss said...

One more email......
Happy happy thanksgiving weekend. We were just talking with our boys at dinner about meeting you and Scott ....telling them how fun it was....and how glad we were to meet you both.
Love m