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Childhood Photos

over the thanksgiving holiday, my brother gave me a small photo album that gives me just what i need to prove (to scott) that i was a domestic diva and quite stylish as a kid. he was also quite stylish with his pinky ring and our mom in her confirmation dress - beautiful.

i genuinely loved that pretend vacuum cleaner, which made the hum sound, and also enjoyed wearing pretty dresses with hats and gloves. nowadays, i'll pass on the vacuuming, but a pretty dress every now and then might be nice.

xo, cindy

ps today i have such a bad cold and really miss my mom's tlc. things i didn't care for at all as a kid like soft-boiled eggs with toast and vicks vapor rub would be so welcome right about now.


Line Houde said...

this album is a treasure and you look so cute Cindy take care!

tamara said...

oh i hope you feel better soon. my mom always makes chicken soup to heal all when i'm down with a cold. i'm still trying to kick my sinus infection, and we've been rubbing isaiah down with vicks every night.

painted fish studio said...

wish i could see those images close up! wonderful for your brother to give them to you.

hope you start to feel better soon. we never stop missing mom, do we?!

blue moss said...

i love the pics!! you look adorable....
thinking of you and prayed for you, with your cold...missing your mom.
it's funny, as a kid i ate i'm picky about eggs and meat....but whenever i think of soft boiled eggs on makes me nostalgic and takes me right back to childhood...sitting in the kitchen with my mom... and i'm sure i would love them again, but can't make myself try them.
feel better soon...let scott take care of you
love m

Jamie said...

What beautiful treasures, isn't it fun to have something that brings back childhood memories.

I hope you feel better soon.

Bella Sinclair said...

Time travel! What a delight! Aw, those are fantastic pictures. A box full of great memories. Love it.

Hope you are feeling better, Cindy. Nothing beats Mom's tlc, but maybe Scott can make a mean toast with a heart-shaped egg in the middle? :) Take care.

L'Atelier said...

oh how wonderful! childhood memories- sigh
and after being an official nomade for 13years (!!) i always miss my mother and home when i am sick-- NONE looks after you like mums!
hope you getting better
sending you lots of e-tlc and love
oh and naturally some cape summer sun shine too

Joyce said...

A perfect gift! Yes, my friend you were (are) a styling gal and so was your mom. I almost thought that was you in the confirmation dress. We are never too old for a bit of TLC. Feel better Cindy!! xo

ambika said...

There really is nothing like old pictures. This reminds me I should bug my mom when I see her at Christmas for her stash of photos of me & my sis.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE your moms first communion photo!! The head piece is so pretty!!

You really were dressed to the nines as a kid Cindy :) so cute. Love the play vacuum!

Anonymous said...

Special childhood memories! I love looking through old family photos and learning the stories that each one holds. Such a treasure trove of family history.

Happy Christmas-time to you!

Katherine @ thistle handmade

aimee said...

i hope you've rebounded from that nasty cold by now. let's plan a get together after the holidaze!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

wow! what a stylish little gal!
are you feeling better?