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Street Mural
one of the greatest things about living in this town is finding a vast variety of art, including work like this mural in williamsburg, brooklyn. it's definitely kind of scary, but interesting just the same.

i never realized this love sculpture by robert indiana was located just a few steps away from the hotel where scott & i had our wedding reception. maybe that's the reason why we've lasted so long as a couple :)?

Fine Art
i learned about the paintings by mark nilsson from jen who had one created of herself on her last trip to nyc. she posed for him just outside the museum of modern art for an hour and i give her all the credit in the world for doing so because it is hectic.

the last photo was taken by ms. artsyville herself and features me (on the left) and aimee (on the right) who recently moved from kansas to new jersey. this sunday, aimee spent her sunday morning with me at the museum of modern art (see her wonderful photos here) and meeting someone in person you've come to know online is such a special treat.

one of the highlights of blogging by far is getting to know smart, creative folks from around the world who enrich our lives in so many ways. and, it's funny, when you actually meet you seem to know so much about each other, but not quite all the details and nuances.

xo, cindy


Jamie said...

What an amazing city you live in - art all around.

painted fish studio said...

art is one of the reasons i love your city so much!

i am so thankful that blogging has brought you and aimee into my life. i am so fortunate to have met both of you in person, and i love the friendships we have. i will say i am jealous that you got so dolled up for aimee! :) i think i've only ever seen you in khakis.

Joyce said...

love the street art!! Also, both of your shoes. xo

PS Have a Happy and Golden Thanksgiving my friend!! xo

Elizabeth said...

As an artist myself, it is the greatest gift for me to live near a city, there is so much showcased!

Happy Thanksgiving Cindy and Scott!

Bella Sinclair said...

Lovely! The LOVE sculpture surely is a sign. :)

I am all tingly and full of envy that you two beautiful souls got to meet! Pure awesomeness! And nice shoes, too.

aimee said...

i had to pinch myself a few times after we parted to make sure that we had indeed met! what a sunday joy it was to hang out with you. when do we meet again?!