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Flaming Cactus
Flaming Cactus
Flaming Cactus
Flaming Cactus
Flaming Cactus

my intention each weekend is to go around town and take some photos of the holiday decorations to share, but then i get distracted. isn't this flaming cactus installation cool? created by the animus arts collective in cooper square it was made by fastening 32,000 fluorescent-colored cable ties to 14 lampposts to show that anyone can make wonderful art using simple, everyday items.

it is so interesting to see & touch, and if you try real hard, the cacti kind of resemble {very thin} christmas trees, especially if you live in the desert. read more about the project here.

xo, cindy

ps claudia's idea for beautifying her ugly christmas tree stand is very clever.


Cindy said...

I saw these when I was in NYC for the day and I just love what an impact they have with such modest materials!

Bella Sinclair said...

What the WHAT? Whoa, that's way cool! I love the perspectives of your photos. I must touch!!!

jane said...

got to love nyc! :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

just saw this last week I think---i love these!!! gorgeous documentation too./.

Asiye Ivedi said...

love love love it!
they should put this up here-i still am not used to christmas in summer and all....