town | weekend beauty

Weeping Willows
the weather was beautiful this weekend & we've been lucky to have a true fall season this year.

there were romantics leaving lovely messages on construction sites.

cool ironwork outside a tattoo parlor in brooklyn.

a color coordinated shrine.

Interlocking Bench
a very inventive bench in long island city.

Shadow Poser
and a shadow poser with a lot of patience - over to the right, raise your arm up, higher, no lower :).

thanks for the well wishes everyone! i fell off the face of the earth for a bit, but thanks to some tlc and scott airing me out like a hot house plant over the weekend (vitamin d from the sun), i'm just about all better. last week i also finished my accounting class (a+), ordered a 2012 calendar from pinhole press and our 2010 blurb book, so things are getting back on track and i hope to do the same on this old blog by creating a schedule of sorts for the rest of the year.

hope your holiday activities are going well. we've got our cards & the stamps!

xo, cindy

ps have you seen the summary of the most powerful photos of 2011? so good!


painted fish studio said...

glad you're feeling better! we've transitioned to winter... lucky you with the long autumn!

jane said...

love your shots! and glad you´re feeling better!
big hugs c!

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, gotta love shadow man. Hehehehehehe.

So glad you are up and about. A+ in accounting? Wow, kudos to you! I had to drop that class in college because I couldn't get my brain wrapped around all the rules.

I remembered that egg toast because it's what I do here when I want to show a little extra love. :)


Line Houde said...

the first shot is a dream.....!

blue moss said...

So glad you are better.....
And congrats on that a+.... told Scott.....he's so proud!
And of course I love the photos!!!!!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Beautiful shots--you make brooklyn and Queens look like quaint sleepy fishing villages! Doing the Divine Sale Sunday! Can you come? I need a dose of Cindy!
Also, those images are amazing--thanks for posting that link. Humbling/.

Joyce said...

Love the 1st shot but the 2nd one pulled at my heart strings. xo

L'Atelier said...

so glad you feeling better

the photos are gorgeous! Love all the colours and textures. Autumn light is just superb on photos!

love the 2011 photos- such impressions and so much sadness. but also so much hope!